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Afripreneur Magazine is an online marketplace for business knowledge.

It allows experts & entrepreneurs share their general knowledge to entrepreneurs while providing extra secured access to receive customised/personalised advisory for advice seekers.

Afripreneur Magazine provides two interface for experts and entrepreneurs. One interface for publishing content to the general online entrepreneurs community; and a second secured interface for personalised & customised advisory (Afripreneur Magazine Advisory service).

Afripreneur Magazine Advisory Service

Afripreneur Magazine Advisory service allows advise seekers access advisers (experts, professionals and experienced entrepreneurs) for on-demand advisory anywhere in the world at their convenience.

Advisory Service - Advice Seeker

Steps to receive advice:

1) Read an article that you need personalised advice.
2) Click on the Advisory request link at the bottom of the article.
3) Fill and submit the request form
4) Pay the advisory request fee of N1000.
5) Receive advisory brief from desired adviser.
6) Pay advisory fee.
7) Receive advisory number and scheduled time for the advisory
8) Connect (and up to 20 other people) to receive the advice.
9) Drop your advisory evaluation.


1) Cost Reduction – It helps to eliminate/reduce the cost to commute/travel for in-person advisory meetings.
2) Time saving – helping to save time spent in traffic and waiting in offices & other logistics.
3) Enjoy easy one-on-one & flexible access – as you can access anyone for direct advisory from anywhere.
4) Enjoy secure discussion – the conversation is limited to the calling parties.
5) Involve others - You can also invite others into the discussion (up to 20 persons)


Advisory Service - Adviser

Steps to become an adviser

1) Be an expert, a registered professional, well-researched, etc in an area of business knowledge or be an experienced entrepreneur.
2) Request for an account to be created for you on Afripreneur Magazine  HERE .
3) Receive contributor account login details.
4) Begin writing
5) Await advisory request and respond with a brief.
6) Offer advice
7) Get paid


1) Access to potential clients or partners to build your paying clients network.
2) Building your personal profile as a proven expert.
3) Building a personal brand based on your content (articles, videos, etc)
4) And all benefits also enjoyed by those who seek advise
5) Get paid for your contribution online.


Our Afripreneurial Regards,
The Afripreneur Magazine Team.