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Management (80)

This function of business focuses on activites that involves the coordination of people and efforts to achieve business goals and objectives using available resources effectively & efficiently.

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Starting Up

Starting Up (71)

This is the whole movement from the identification of needs or opportunities to idea development and subsequent setting up of a business. Its the formation stage of the business life cycle.

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Finance (17)

Good knowledge of finance is needed when starting and managing a business. It helps to keep the business alive as it concerns the acquisition and conversation of capital.

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Technology (41)

This is the collection of techniques, methods, processes, information and communication systems, etc that businesses can leverage on to achieve objectives faster and at scale.

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Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing (58)

This aspect of business covers everything that needs to be done to communicate the value of  products, services or brands to customers and making them take actions to profit the business. 

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