4 Gains of Imitating Ideas in Business

Sep 15 2015 / Published in Innovation

In Nigeria, imitation products are often referred to as ‘China’ or ‘Taiwan’, and Chinese businesses have used this strategy to enter many markets (imitation here

How an Old Internet Acronym can Revolutionize your Business

Jul 02 2015 / Published in Innovation

It was those day of the old stuffy internet chat room. You have selected a chat environment and an alias sad you start with the usual “hellos” and “his” and “who’s there” and

7 Signs You Are Not an Innovative Entrepreneur

Jul 26 2015 / Published in Innovation

Entrepreneurship has been associated with mainly two things: Being innovative and starting a business. While the later is commonly practiced, the former which is the

Are you Asking the Right Questions?

Jun 20 2015 / Published in Budgeting

Before heading to outer space, the United States invited the consulting firm, Arthur Anderson now known as Accenture and invested roughly $25million in a bid to