What is your Product Naming Strategy?

Oct 27 2015 / Published in Product Development

Yesterday, Google rolled out its new subscription based product – YouTube Red. It’s just your regular YouTube site but with an option of watching videos without 

Setting a Price for your Product or Service

Oct 13 2015 / Published in Pricing

Why are most new business owners  too shy to affix the right price to their products or service? It often happens during starting up that most of us tend to be shy to

6 Components That Drive Entrepreneurial Ventures

Aug 04 2015 / Published in Innovation

In Africa, we are good at setting up businesses, but few of such businesses are truly entrepreneurial in nature. When you examine how businesses like

2 Most Important Questions to Ask Customers

Jul 17 2015 / Published in Customer Management

Why do you love me? Notice the presupposition in that statement? I am assuming that you love me, but I don't know why. Now if you don't love me, then that's going to