Kole Obasa

Kole Obasa

He is a Serial Entrepreneur, author, innovator, blogger & believer in the power of Ideas. A motivator with a passion for global entrepreneurship, he is the founder of a few kick ass Startups - - . You can find more of his articles at:

Why are most new business owners  too shy to affix the right price to their products or service? It often happens during starting up that most of us tend to be shy to

This is an age-old question. Sometimes we find ourselves in the rigid position of having to decide whether to share the full content of our business idea with a seemingly

Depending on what you read or who you listen to, a thousand and one ingredients have been proposed as necessary for entrepreneurs these days. Some will tell you

Many things stop us from doing what we know can enrich our lives – making wrong career choices, lack of financial management, lack of education, even

I have come across many articles (one as recent as last week) telling all of us the only reason we are not successful in business is down to us. The article I read last week was

When considering the might of countries, most of us initially gauge their military strength before even thinking of their economic might. The moment economic strength is

As if starting a brand new business is not daunting enough, entrepreneurs have to contend with one form of marketing or the other so their businesses can be

Nigerians shouted and the electorate voted with their feet and ushered in a change in government. This change came in the guise of President Muhammadu Buhari, a 

I am a firm believer in entrepreneurship – it is one of the biggest contributors to the economy. To ensure upward social movement, more of us must embrace

If you ask me, there are a group of people equally as important as celebrities and politicians but do not get the appropriate recognition. These group of people are called