Getting the Customer and the Market

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Its very common to have aspiring and growing entrepreneurs struggle on getting customers to pay for the product or service they offer. This might not be far-fetched from the way their products and services are presented. Yoruba people will say,

kini elewe gbegbe n ta, ti o ni Oja o ta (what is the seller of "Gbegbe leaves" selling that he's saying there is no market). You also need to assess if its the right product offering that you have for the market. 

Customers don't exist to buy from you, you actually exist for them. Solve their problems or needs and they will reward you. Its not so much about having "nice features" in what you want to offer them, its more about offering "Must or got to have" features. Don't just sit in your house with the pen and thinking pad, thinking you know what they want, please take time out to ask from them.

Start today, meet someone on the raod, in church, at the joint, etc and ask what they think about something, or why is there no one offering something. The customer is the one that will finally accept what you intend to offer the market, why dont you get them involved from the very beginning, they will save you valuable time, money, passion, energy, etc.

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Segun Ogunlana

A social innovator, a fixer, who likes to make a difference and get things done better. His focus covers Project Management, Systemic Innovation, Product Development, Design Thinking, Business Strategy, Set-up & Development. Some call him a super manager, natural marketer and sales man. He is a Chelsea fan too.

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