Building Loyal Customers

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A Friend of mine who owns a Pharmacy always give out drugs below N1000 to patients who find it difficult to pay but are in need of such drugs. He did this for his first 6 months after starting his business, and

when I compared his daily sales with another person who opened a shop about the same time within the same area, my friend had doubled the other person's sales daily. This friend also ensures that within this period, everyone that comes into his Pharmacy has a contact in the companies phonebook. He sends them new month's messages consistently.

I can tell you that sometimes people go with friends to say "thank you for the other day", and end up buying drugs again. On the contrary, some of us start-up a business with some excitement believing that once the business starts running, everybody that sees our signpost, logo or have a need for what we do or attended our business opening ceremonies would rush-in to patronize us frequently, but we become surprise that most people we introduce ourselves or what we do to do not patronize us regularly. Have you ever considered that before you met the person, he used to patronize someone else, with a product similar to what you have, or might be different, but the person used to go home satisfied, except in some cases.

Sometimes, if not often, business start-ups present better services or products than their competitors, yet most people stick to their previous service provider, because some consumers believes that "the enemy that is known is better than an unknown friend".

You may ask how do I turn the visitors to my business into loyal customers? The simple answer is to BOND or RELATE WITH every person that enters your business premises (online and offline). Let them see the human face behind the business. Ensure that all your customers have a contact -phone numbers, email, social media contacts etc they can contact and receive response at any time. Until you treat your customers as being royal, they cannot be loyal to your business.

As a start-up, remember that the cheapest way to advertise with certainty is through our customers. We may not have so many customers at the start, lets treat the ones we have as if they are the only reason our business exist.

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