3 Ways to Attract More Customers Faster

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Selling skills is basically one of the most sought-after skills in business. And this is justifiable when you think in terms of the need for businesses to survive in the marketplace. The truth is that

no company survives outside its earning capacity. Sooner or later, the financially struggling company may soon die!

If you must increase your earning capability, then you must, among other strategies, increase business sales. In this short write-up, I want to show you 5 practical ways you can quickly increase sales for your services.

1. Advertise. 
When small business owners are told to "advertise" their business, they quickly protest the huge cost involved in planning and executing advertising campaigns. But the truth is that no business is known that is not first seen or heard of. And believe me, advertising is a process not an event. Advertising is awareness, not sales!

However, for small budget business owners, all you need do is to cut your cloth according to the available cloth. Join relevant forums in order to contribute 'meaningful' posts directly related to your business or service. Don't be too blatant with your ads. You can offer tips, suggestions, offers and corrections on varying issues. However, you need to be consistent on the forum (or blog) to get noticed.

Also, write and submit articles online. The secret is that an article to an article submission website goes viral via feeds. You can also publish press releases online about important events, new product/service launch, new appointments, price discount and so on. This increases your chance of being seen on the internet.

Other ways to advertise include (but not limited to):
*Creating a Social Media Page for your business on Facebook, Google+, YouTube, SkillPages, LinkedIN, etc.
*Adding your business on Business Directories; and
*Joining online networking Groups such as Afripreneur.

2. Come Out of your Hiding! 
You have been hidden for so long! The internet will for a long time be the best place to sell your business! If your business targets customers who may buy from you irrespective of where they reside, then you have a job of ensuring that you are better seen, and easily too. For example, if at this time your business does not have a website or, at least, a blog or a link where customers can be directed to, then you haven't started yet! If you have a website, display your office address and phone lines conspiciously on the Contact Us page. Even if your clients won't find you, they know where to always find you when relationships go sour.

Ensure you are everywhere! From Twitter to Facebook, to Google+, to BBM, to Whatsapp, to wherever you know you can be seen and reached. The idea is about creating multiple channels to be reached about just one business - yours!

Anytime I come in contact with a prospect via phone, I try as much as possible to meet with the proposed client immediately on the social media. This is to develop a directly and close relationship that would have existed had we met face-to-face. This also, to a certain degree, raises their trust of you. If you truly want to sell, you can't afford to be hidden. Ask far-distant prospects if you can be friends on the social media. They would be glad to know more about you and what you do.

3. Get the Job Done! 
There is nothing so sweet that satisfying your customers or clients - it brings you repeat purchases or referrals. However, you don't get to this level by chance or luck but hardwork. Have you ever thought about how sweet it is to sit down in your home office while your previous clients do the marketing for you? A good sale is good, but an unsatisfied customer can ruin your business!

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Ayokunle Bankole

He is a self-starter, Nigerian serial entrepreneur, a company formation specialist of about a decade, and a small business advisor. He is currently on the board of Directors of some few startups: Delivery Merchant Ltd, Furnishing Effects Retail & Installation Ltd, Citizens & Expats Agency Ltd, and Global Infosolutions Nigeria Ltd.

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