2 Most Important Questions to Ask Customers

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2 Most Important Questions to Ask Customers Image Credit: yourpaf.com

Why do you love me? Notice the presupposition in that statement? I am assuming that you love me, but I don't know why. Now if you don't love me, then that's going to

obviously be quite hard to answer unless you're good with telling white lies (but hey why the heck wouldn't you genuinely love me - I'm amazing).

But if you really do love me, then you would need to come up with several reasons or even make up some fictitious reasons in order to justify your affections.

However a better question is to ask your lover would be, "On a scale of 1-10, can you evaluate the quality of our relationship? One being "I wish I never met you at all, you bastard". And ten meaning "I wish we were both vampires so this love may never grow old or die". This way you really know the actual rating of your relationship with just about anyone.

So I asked my beautiful wife this burning question a few days after our 3rd wedding anniversary. At first she gave me a quizzical look, then her eye brows furrowed as she thought long and hard. She hesitated before answering this question.

I held my breath and my heart stopped beating entirely albeit momentarily. She thought about it for about a minute that seemed like nearly 40 minutes to me. And then she scored me "8/10".

Yipeee!! My inner god did a somersault and two back-flips and all the butterflies in my belly started flying back in formation. An 8!!! That's still a pretty decent score, right?

Honestly, I was okay with being an 8/10 husband. No one except God is perfect right? If it were an exam it would still be a solid A+ grade. But then a second thought soon crossed my mind- What if some dodgy guy comes along who is a 10/10? Like a Denzel Washington dude or Jason Statham kinda guy to compete with me? Hmmm.... so I asked her the next question.

"Thanks for your honesty and generosity baby. But please what will it take to score a 10/10 by our next anniversary?"

And so she proceeded to tell me what I ought to be doing. Of course I won't tell you what she said - that's trade secret!

Let's just say her love language is spending quality time. But here I was thinking that perhaps if I buy her a brand new Baby Range or Mercedes GLK or perhaps took her shopping in Dubai it would make up for the other two missing points. Now I know better simply because I bothered even asking.

Also notice I didn't argue with her or berate her for daring to score me a lousy 8/10 even though my ego may have me thinking that I am the next best discovery the world has ever known since crude oil.

Now you might be thinking, how does Ebuka's relationship palaver affect my business?

Well it certainly does! You can learn a thing or two. ‎

Why do your customers buy from you?

One of my avid readers, Chibuzor, made a comment few days ago, ‎"Coach, I have regular customers who buy my industrial machines but I don't know why they prefer me over my competitors".

I guess some of you may have the same puzzle also. Or you might even have vague guesses as to why. Well take the randomness out and do so simply by asking these two questions:

1. On a scale of one to ten can you rate the quality of your experience with us so far?
2. What will it take to get a 10/10?

That way your customer becomes an unpaid consultant and will tell you what service gaps are lacking in your business and what you're already doing right that perhaps you even take for granted and might overlook. After a while due to cost-cutting or budget squeeze, you perhaps even stop doing it.

The second question is even more important than the first as it compels the customer to really think of what's missing and now you have access to read their minds and brilliant ideas. It's up to you to implement these ideas or let someone else do so and steal your wife/customer.

So there you have it- two key questions that can make your customer service experience much better.

Now I have just 2 questions for you:
1. On a scale of one to ten kindly rate my blog?
2. What will it take to score a 10/10?

I'll be expecting your reply

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Ebuka Anichebe

He is the Managing Director of Jean-Paul and Associates Consultancy - a business advisory and training organization. He is passionate about teaching and human capital development. He is a published author, distinguished speaker and business strategist. He also loves rice and beans. Reach him on www.askebuka.com . 

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  • Comment Link jide Akande Jul 30 2015 posted by jide Akande

    Hello Ebuka,

    Very revealing article you have here but, i must say this is the first i have read of your articles. However, i find it rather deserving of a response as requested for and i hope it helps.

    I will rate you a 10/10

    A 10/10 because this sort of insight and tactical thinking is actually exactly what i need to help support and build my entrepreneurial skills as i am an aspiring entrepreneur and currently enrolled in an institution studying for an MBA degree.

    So, obviously i see no gaps to be fills with amendments. May be as i continue to read more of your blogs, i just might detect aspects which may need to be worked on.

    Many Thanks.


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