Choosing the Farmer or Hunter Approach to Business

Aug 04 2015 / Published in Strategy & Planning

Growing up, my siblings and I used to be shipped over to our village on holidays (or maybe punishment) to live with my grand-parents. They had a large plot of land behind

6 Components That Drive Entrepreneurial Ventures

Aug 04 2015 / Published in Innovation

In Africa, we are good at setting up businesses, but few of such businesses are truly entrepreneurial in nature. When you examine how businesses like

2 Most Important Questions to Ask Customers

Jul 17 2015 / Published in Customer Management

Why do you love me? Notice the presupposition in that statement? I am assuming that you love me, but I don't know why. Now if you don't love me, then that's going to

Character Evaluation in Business

Jul 20 2015 / Published in Human Resource Management

By default, we stand in a stance where our character can never be defined in its right perspective. We all claim to have our integrity unmasked without being