Making your Business Attractive for Support

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Like Steve Blank said, world class entrepreneurs are not lucky as they actually create their own luck. They were able to try more, raise up their hands more, go

take the bus or the flight more when others say its too much a hassle. They get there because they did the extra. Even with extra effort, you could turn a new market into an existing market.

i have been able to discover that planning ahead gives you different results in as much as it increases your chances of success. There are days i go out to a place i dont know and i dont seem to acheive what i initially planned which is proliferated with so many distractions but its far better than not planning. while there are times i plan ahead and fore knowledge helps in the great planning as well as great execution.

its no reason many entrepreneurial investors always want facts rather than assumptions. It saves them the heartache of what stormy weathers their hard earned cash will pass through. The initial fore knowledge is what makes them choose an existing system/business/entrepreneur to a new entrant. its just most obvious, natural and convenient. For the new entrepreneurs, i wish you well, keep moving, keep learning and keep growing. Cheers!!!!

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Segun Ogunlana

A social innovator, a fixer, who likes to make a difference and get things done better. His focus covers Project Management, Systemic Innovation, Product Development, Design Thinking, Business Strategy, Set-up & Development. Some call him a super manager, natural marketer and sales man. He is a Chelsea fan too.

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