The Paradox of Business Growth

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In business growth, we get to a point where it does not represent our ideals again. The obvious problem is changing values but

if we look at the big picture, we will notice new employees bringing their old habits and values with them, with a great potential of changing our business culture in the process.

An important paradox is — the faster a business grows and the more rapidly things change, the more some things need to remain the same. Every change should start with the employees. Each new employee should bring talent, value and energy to a business. They should inject life into the business and complement existing procedures BUT Your business core values have to teach employees how to succeed in your culture. The values must be clear and concise to them, and the business rewards system must enforce them.

Apologies on my regular emphasis on rewards because i believe this is Africa and people always want a little something. Instead of spoiling them with it, i believe they should rather earn it thorugh performance and receive it as rewards. After all, change is inevitable, but values are permanent. Its these values we should identify, implement as check the impact regularly.

Fabian Chima asked, "What is ur expert advise to Afripreneurs who pursued their dreams and started a business but seem to have reached their growth/knowledge limit? The true picture is that the whole dream is having a downward turn instead of growing further. What should such Afropreneurs do? and what type of help should they seek?"

What works for one business might not work the other but firstly my subjective opinion is that we only need to look inward and remember how started we business with determination, drive, goals & purpose as well as the many obstacles crushed and how we did it.(Because I have tried this). Secondly, we could have a brainstorming session with staff/partners to explore opportunities in line with the strategic goals of your business.

A lot of ''entrepreneurs'' think having a good idea and some funds is all that it takes to succeed in business but adequate knowledge like this most especially being preinformed is crucial to deal with issues to ensure business survival and growth.

In my own brief experience, it takes more than those two and people still believe its those two. A friend told me of a man who resigned fro his normal profession with N20 million ready to spend and he lost also everything in less than a year thinking his idea & money was open sesame to business success. Its not a curse from the village as most will presume but some intricacies ignored in business analysis, planning & execution. Its not as simple as what i'm saying because i have experienced this first-hand but very possible.

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