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Robert Schuller said, " Whatever you do today, do it better tomorrow ". Excellence is all about putting in that little extra efforts. Ironically, the little extra

effort is usually the difference between better and best. For example; the difference between the medal winner and the silver medal winner in an Olympic short distance race could be just a fraction of a second. The difference between success and failure in an examination could just be a point, and the reason for getting a job could be a well ironed and perfumed shirt. It is amazing what a great difference a little extra effort can make. It always pays to strive for excellence.

To do it a little bit differently; to do it a little but better; to get there a little earlier; to stay on the job a little bit later; to make that delivery a little bit quicker. Those who strive for or attain excellence always stand out from the rest. The waiter in a restaurant, who dressed neatly, smiles often and is extra courteous. The mechanic who always fixes the car well, checks the other aspects you did not complain about, returns your car balance and gives the car a wash before giving it back to you.

You can learn to be excellent. It is simply about learning the attitudes in one's life. And the effort in learning and adopting those attitudes will be well worth it because excellence always leads to the top. Just as an individual should strive for excellence, it has become imperative today that organization and even nations also do likewise. In this century global market place, excellence is no longer merely optional, it is the starting point, the very essential for product and service acceptance.

We need to understand that things have really changed. Attitudes, value and paradigms have totally changed in today's market place. The Nigerian business leaders have to understand this. We admit it a long way to go for us but it is a vision we need to have. In the new market place, excellence is required. This is evident in the high demand for much better products and services and also the increase in the speed of their delivery. The individual business person or organization must place higher demands on himself or itself, to deliver better and quicker.

More and more consumers are demanding for excellence in service. It therefore becomes very important for anyone in any industry to strive for excellence. We must not just aim to be good at what we do; we need to aim to be extremely good.That will require from us great commitment, discipline and concentration on the job. This is the direction we need to go in Nigeria. As an individual, organization and as a nation, we need to begin to strive for excellence. It is definitely not something unattainable, we simply need to begin to understand the relevance of doing so to our desire to be significant in today's global economy.

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