The Main Reason why Businesses Don't Grow

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The professor turned to the class and asked, what is the best way to grow a successful business? Some of the brilliant MBA students raised their hands and gave

theories and postulations which elicited rounds of applause. When you find yourself in a class with a lot of confident and well experienced people, it could be highly influencing. In no time, you find yourself buying into the commonly accepted world views, regardless of how right or wrong they are.

The professor looked at the class again and interrupted the excitement with a follow up question. Brilliant answers, he said. But if it is as easy as you all have proposed, why then are businesses failing at a rapid rate? Why is it that over 70% of businesses fail in the first year alone? Why is it that most businesses are struggling, and keep struggling even when all your proposed measures are implemented?

Why, why, why?!!! The professor asked, with passion in his voice. The entire class was silent and no one made any attempt to answer. There is a saying that goes like this: “Man’s biggest problem is himself. He complicates the simple and then he looks for who can fix it”. Most times you and I don’t expect the solution, to a problem that has been bothering us for a while, to be simple. It makes us feel bad and wonder, ‘if it was this simple, why then couldn’t I figure out all along?’

Building a business can be likened to a farmer who owns a vineyard. The harvest is what he desires, but to achieve his harvest he needs to hire some hands to handle the tools. This illustration is the foundation of what everyone needs to understand about building a business.

Let’s dive deeper…
What will ensure a bountiful harvest is not necessarily how big the vineyard is or how great the work tools are. What will ensure a bountiful harvest is the fruit. It is the fruit that attracts the prospects. Most people running a business believe that because they have a great product, it automatically means that they must be fruitful, but the truth is, the product is not the fruit. If you understand this alone, I promise that it will totally change your business. Your clients care less about how great your product is or its benefits, all they care about is the result/fruit it delivers.

Have you realized that no one goes looking for fruits in a tree that is fruitless, unless, of course, he is looking for firewood?

A lot of businesses are fruitless. Little wonder they are struggling. They blame it on the economy, events or persons.

The question I want you to consider as a business owner is, what fruit are you delivering to your clients?

If I were to ask you to name just 5 successful companies, my guess is, you will name companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Dell, etc. In my next write up, you and I will be analyzing some of these successful companies to identify the fruits responsible for their success.

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Obinna .C. Umenze

He has over 12 years’ experience in both managerial and Advisor positions in 10 key business sectors ( Oil and Gas, Shipping, Logistics, Technology, Security, Commodities, Training, Real Estates, Automobiles and Power sectors in  West Africa.) This has helped him understand and accurately predict what works in business growth and what sustains world class performance.

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