Simple Ways of Increasing your Customers.

Feb 10 2017 / Published in Sales

Success in business is achieved by people who think and act differently. The challenge of every business whether online or offline has always been how to increase

How New Entrepreneurs can avoid Innovation Failure

Jan 27 2016 / Published in Innovation

The biggest fear of any entrepreneur is to create a product or service that will fail in the market. The risk of losing an investment or customers to competitors

3 Ways Entrepreneurs Stifle the Innovative Capability of their Businesses

Jan 25 2016 / Published in Innovation

Innovation is the foundation of entrepreneurial success and the gateway to unique product development. An entrepreneur can only go as far as he or she can

How to get Innovation Inspiration in Business

Jan 20 2016 / Published in Innovation

Innovating in business is a deliberate and conscious effort. It is part of your competitive strategy hence, a lot of planning goes into it. In Africa, our decision