4 Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

Jan 18 2016 / Published in Ideas Management

A great way of starting or becoming an Entrepreneur is by turning your pleasure to business. If you love cars, you can open a car shop, if you like party, you can

The Idea of Starting Small

Nov 18 2015 / Published in Ideas Management
When you start small, you are most likely going to become adept in the business you set up. It's just like climbing a Ladder, where you have to climb each rung

Building a New Business using LEAN Principle

Nov 16 2015 / Published in Modelling & Planning

So one of my partners was like he really needed to employ hands in his one year old company. He is a corporate entrepreneur and desires his venture to grow

Entrepreneurship and its Bane

Oct 18 2015 / Published in Modelling & Planning

My first article I ever wrote on this blog focused on myths about entrepreneurs. Further than that, there are also myths I would still like to focus on. There are a lot