Pests and Parasites Affecting Your Business

Aug 08 2015 / Published in Growing

In my last post, we discussed in great detail on why adopting the mentality of a farmer is a far better way to grow your business than thinking like a hunter. A farmer simply

7 Solutions to the Challenges of a Rising Entrepreneur

Aug 18 2015 / Published in Growing

I want to first of all appreciate you all for reading and dropping your comments on the last article i wrote regarding the "7 challenges of a rising entrepreneur." Based on

7 Challenges of a Rising Entrepreneur

Jul 21 2015 / Published in Growing

Most times, people say there is nothing as good as being self employed. It is easier said than done. Before now, I got a quote while watching CNN

The Real Reasons Startups Fail to Start

Aug 02 2015 / Published in Ideas Management

I have come across many articles (one as recent as last week) telling all of us the only reason we are not successful in business is down to us. The article I read last week was