Foreigners are having the Nigerian economy & market for breakfast, lunch & dinner. And we say its tough, difficult, this, that...what are

As an entrepreneur, it's wise for you to realize early that there are two major kinds of forces that you must effectively manage if

Entrepreneurship is the art of finding profitable solutions to problems. Every successful entrepreneur or business person has been able to

Brand management starts with understanding what 'brand' really means. Imagine what a tribal mark is, its for life, some see it as a

Most of us have seen businesses that started small long ago still small While at the same time, other businesses that started later or more recently, with

Like Steve Blank said, world class entrepreneurs are not lucky as they actually create their own luck. They were able to try more, raise up their hands more, go

As a trained psychologist, I was made to know that being conditioned to a certain way of thinking overtime will produce a response of that

The following list shows the leading management mistakes that lead to business failure.

1. Going into business for the wrong reasons.
2. Advice and influence of

Entrepreneurship is not a style, and its no joke. It is not a wish, and its not in having a great idea, or having a complimentary card and a business name. Being an entrepreneur is about

Money is important when you want to start your own business but it is not everything. Money without a good idea still comes to zero. Money in the hands of a person without a plan is likely to 

1. Establish a mentoring relationship with a successful real estate salesperson or broker. Learn from them. Shadow them. Help them with tasks. Hold their properties open. Run magazine and internet ads for them.

2. Keep a database of