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The information given here for free is seriously from a patriotic heart. I join others to appreciate it.

My inquiry is to verify something not covered here.

I conduct religious and non religious gathering to develop people as a non profit operation at my own expense. Over time some of the participants have indicated their desire to support. This I have received for upcoming meetings from those close to me a few times. Others not particularly close have given such indications but i wasn't comfortable to encourage it since the few receipts were into a private account.

Many of these people know me through my website. I therefore thought to open a personal account with the website's name as the account name but was advised against the thought as most of the banks may not do that for me. Can i register the name as a business name while not conducting business for profit? If I do, what will be the implication? I am not ready to give considerations to incorporation of trustees. What can I do for now?

Kindly educate me. God bless you.