Becoming an Effective Team Player

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Growing up as a young chap I could recall one of those games we do play, it’s the game of strength where a group tries to wrestle the rope from another in a

peaceful encounter. Now, the group that finally emerge winner won not based on the strength of individual who is leading but the overall team’s strength. In my few years of practice and training as Human Resource specialist, one truth I've come to embrace is the strength of individual in a team sums up overall strength of the team; one's success is success of the team, equally one's failure is the failure of the team. This goes on to suggest the predisposition of Phil Jackson: “the strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

A world of independency where it is all about ‘I-can-do-it-all-myself’ lifestyle, world of individualism than corporate dependency do thrive. This never assume state of good companionship that can impact positively on others, stand-alone attitude becomes the societal influence that hold grip on those readily available to tread path of independency than adventurous world of dependency. Goal of every individual, organization is to build the right team with the precise composition of human resource that will help synergize the vision.

The composition of a typical football team has 11 players in its squad, each player synergizes their role with others in the team for a meaningful result to be achieved. Any team that have in her possession a selfish player who plays and score game alone without complementing other is on the verge of defeat. Alright, I think that will be the beginning of such individual woe which will automatically rub off the entire team. The contributions of each others in the squad birth their success story.

No human exist in isolation, likewise you ain't an exception. You can't walk it out alone, you'll need people's investment who must walk it together with you. No man is an island of himself, two can accomplish more than twice as much as one, for the results can be much better. A good companionship will not see only you worked out as there's one to reach out and help in pulling you up when you're down but if you fall when alone, you are in real trouble. In essence, building the right team is more of investment in people’s lives through mean of empowering them develop skills and knowledge useful not only to the team but to the life of the individual. This you do by developing main spot of their weakest point than the strength point.

A good start to becoming effective team player is to first become a follower, good followership makes a good team player. Ability to follow well is sure way to possess team bonding spirit, I see this so much in display in my corporate world. We call it one team, one mission! Your willingness to play around people with positivism and being an influencer who seeks to empower other determines how you get along with your team or people, this depict you as the 'people's person' It makes you connect with folks of like minds who share in same vision, value and belief system with yours or sphere of influence. I hardly have issues with people all because I don’t seem to subscribe dealing negatively with people, better still I rather excommunicate myself from such team in a free and fair manner void of ending rebellious.

Often you might have heard this slogan: your network determines your net worth. So true, an effective team develops synergy with the right partnership and at every point in time those in the partnership will determine the effect the team outweighs in the overall. The viability of the network in a team will equally depends on the amount of life and time you invest in it. Exceeding the expectation of your team also make room for you to under-promise and over-deliver your responsibility, by so doing you become cynosure of the entire team and people will be more willing to always interact with you than others faulting the rule.

In a nutshell, becoming an effective team player will make you attain a status of a negotiator with integrity and good character always willing to give without having mentality of expectation for return treaties. It is a world of taking the lead and leading without title; this, one achieve by first being a detailed follower. I conclude with Charles Handy thought:

“The companies that survive longest are the ones that work out what they uniquely can give to the world not just growth or money but their excellence, their respect for others, or their ability to make people happy.”

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