The problem with solution is the set of problems it creates. An enterprise solution is like a game of chess. Strategy. Tactics. And the invisible hand of luck, hardworking business owners

The recent data released by the Nigerian bureau of Statistics showed that in early 2016, the country had a negative GDP of -0.36% and

I met a man when I was handling construction projects for the Federal Government in Rivers and Imo state circa 2008. Please don’t ask why a brand advertiser went

Finally, we are in 2016, a new year with so much uncertainty in the socio-political sphere, economic and other domain of human existence. For some, it’s an

Discipline is what we need the most but want the least. Much of the anxiety and the instability in the lives of many entrepreneurs can be traced to an

Depending on what you read or who you listen to, a thousand and one ingredients have been proposed as necessary for entrepreneurs these days. Some will tell you

Growing up, my siblings and I used to be shipped over to our village on holidays (or maybe punishment) to live with my grand-parents. They had a large plot of land behind

Successful businesses have realized that their individual efforts have limitations that interaction and collaboration with other firms can neutralize. Most start-ups believe that

Las Vegas was just a dirty town in the middle of the desert with a few gas stations, greasy junk food diners and a few slot machine emporiums. Nearly everyone

Life primarily is beyond the choicest house you live in, good spouse you have to your credit, fat earned salary or profit made in business, choicest of car to