A Short Business Walk with Nelson Mandela

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Today December 6, 2013, the world mourns the passing away of Nelson Mandela. - a Legend, the face of freedom in Africa and indeed the world. An iconic leader that the world stood still for because of the values he represents.

However, beside his personal life and struggles for freedom,

there is a business perspective to his name, and there is a lesson for every upcoming entrepreneur who wants to add value to business. 

It is in your hands:

The decision to make a difference is in your hands irrespective of your challenges. The success of your business is in the choices you make, the diligence you put into work and the values you represent. Take charge, and take action to grow your business.


Taking 27 years out of a man’s life is enough to discourage and kill his dream of a free South Africa, but he refused to give up his ambition. Set your business goal and determine to stand by it. Never give up, and be confidence that you would walk out of that ‘prison’ (Struggles) successful.

Turning adversity into a brand:

46664 is the prison number of Nelson Mandela. However, today this number is not just a prison number but an emerging brand in Africa for a cause. Businesses are set up to pursue a cause – meet needs. Don’t dwell on your problems, always think positive about the challenges you face in business.

No enemies in business:

He won the noble peace prize with his former ‘enemy’  and even raised his hand in public. Don’t consider any competitor as an enemy because you are all pursuing the same goal from different perspectives. Think cooperation, think partnership, think welfare of the consumers 


Rest in peace Madiba!

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Ofunre Iriobe

Ofunre Iriobe is a researcher, and facilitator at the Redeemer's University Entrepreneurship Development Centre. He is also a private consultant to young aspiring entrepreneurs.

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