How to Execute an Idea

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Just as there is really no such thing as a perfect idea. in my own opinion, an idea is really only as good as the person who executes it. Even if you give cocain to an idiot to 

sell in a town which has no policemen to catch him, he may still make a failure of the business. I hope you get my point. you see, it is not the idea really ... it is the spirit and discipline behind the idea.

If you look at history, you will see that the transistor which was the key component of all electronics ) was invented in America. but the Japanese applied discipline focus and thoroughness to it ...they had a far reaching vision of their objectives that transcended short term gain ( this is Africa’s greatest problem ) and today everybody prefers electronics made in japan and not made in America.... this despite the fact that there is not one key electronic component that is invented in japan. In fact there are no key or major inventions in use today in electronics or automobiles .... That was invented in japan....yet they are unrivaled leaders globally in electronics and automobile marketing....

The Japanese have " branded " their national identity by making excellence a culture .. and the whole world has responded with recognition and patronage ... Even during the attempt to sabotage of Toyota’s image with stories of failed pedals recently, we see that strength of a brand coupled with the commitment of the custodians of that brand .. They recalled over ten million cars ... And are STILL today a leading brand.. How many African companies can survive recalling even one million units of their product talk less of ten million of something as expensive as cars ... You tell Nigeria breweries to recall one million crates of star and see what will happen

Toyota was able to ride the storm because as they say .. Rome was not built in a day ....... The brand was just too strong... This should be the mind set of the new generation if African entrepreneur. Long term focus ... The desire to build to last .. To leave a legacy that grows beyond your physical existence ....

That is why I applaud this group and encourage it.... You need to create a culture before you can become a brand that is recognizable.. And recognition must occur before success ... I encourage you all to ask a fundamental question of yourselves .... What can i build and how can i build it to last .... If you can get a good answer to that question then mike adenuga will soon be a “ small fry “ to some of the members of this group... The facebook story is evidence that it is possible...

if you go into a shop today and you want to buy a camcorder ... or other such electronic gadget.. I bet you will likely prefer the one made in japan..... This is the subject of my recent research .....

How do people who have nothing to do with the creation of an idea excel at the idea ?

How do you take something that was created my someone else and turn it into a global brand of undeniable renown ? The success of the photocopy machine as a product is evidence that copying is profitable....

There are presently over 300 notable social networking sites on the internet today ... Facebook was not the first ...

Why is it that it was facebook who would have over a billion members ? Do you know what it means to have 1 billion customers for your small business ?( yes facebook inc is still a small business structurally ) and the founders are about 30 years old ?

How did this happen in a world in which many in that age group are still giving excuses for nonachievement or thinking that there is still time to make it ...... How did it happen that apple as a company was able to leverage the sexiness of one single product ( I phone ) and use it to resurrect the fortunes of the whole company a treacherously competitive industry in which there were so many other really nice phones is easy for a fine girl to stand out in a group of ugly girls.... But what if all the girls are deadly beautiful... ?? How do you stand out in the midst of such qualified and competent competition.... How ?

Oprah winfrey is by no means the “ best” talk show host ..... Why is she so unique ..? How is she able to garner such commanding follower ship in such a highly competitive arena ? The answer to these questions provide clues to entrepreneurial excellence and pre eminence that we will do well to copy in this part of the world.... Especially the younger generation...

Quite frankly it is much cheaper and less stressful to follow somebody who knows the way to London than to flex and try to find the way yourself ... Ego does not pay bills... I will certainly rather copy a successful person’s strategies than sit down and try to re invent the wheel..

Strategies are universal and can be applied to any idea ... I can study facebook or toyota and look at the factors that make them successful and use those factors in my business even though I am in a whole different industry .. .

I will much later try to share some factors that I have isolated which produce “ quantum” results in whatever business one may be engaged in this is how facebook re wrote the social networking book this is how apple sells their products ...I am a bit tired now has been a long day for me. 

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Tayo Aroloye

He is the founder of the B.Y.O.B initiative with decades of experience on how small businesses start and grow. He is very passionate about entrepreneurs and how entrepreneurs are able to move from idea into viable businesses.

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