Business Success - Defining your Time

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A force exist which we as individuals can’t afford to possess in life. Everyone desire it, masses are in dire need of its flow but not all can grab it as soon as it is released. It is

the concept of TIME! Time, a divine deposit every mortal beings have been given to invest on, an arrow shot out and gone into history never to come back except in memoirs. There is no better way to express it than viewing it as the first capital readily available to entrepreneurs of any cadre and other productive minded fellows. We are never given money in life but given time to make money as returns, the fellow that has money but no time to spend it is more miserable than one who has got time but no money. Not everything in life money can buy, only few limited stuff; definitely it won't buy you TIME and work which depicts your fulfillment. What time and work can fix money can't!

Reflect: that you possess in and around you a juicy offer does not imply spending the whole of your life and time on it, some are just in existence as a deadly trap to lure you off the track. Once it get rid of you then you have no choice than to be at it mercy. The good things in life don't always come by attractive, it's either packaged in a casual container or trash bin that will demand from us discovery. As well most of the bad things in life are painted attractive in a juicy pack with the mind of captivating our attention, once sold out to you it is designed to consume your passion.

We can be so obsessed in life with many activities that has less or no impact, role to play in the pursuit of our life’s assignment. Equally, we can be consumed with the grip of zealousness and miss out from the right wisdom needed to boost us in walking circumspectly as one who knows the prerequisite for living in times such as the present dispensation we found ourselves. This I see as having passion without knowledge, for how disastrous will it be for you to put in all your effort in running straight to a vision only to discover sooner or later that it has no role to complement in your life. Catastrophic and shattered dream will be the language of the day for such fellow.

The productive way to effectively have control of your time is "finding the right course/action to do with your time and doing the right actions at the right appointed time." We must not just live the time as in the function of chronos – only measuring time in form of seconds, minute, hour or day nor as what we see to be 24/7 mindset. Time should be lived with the right mindset of been entrusted to our care as a resources which should be channeled to a predetermined cause pertinent to God’s heartbeat, in sync with the script he has written of us to work out with the measure of work. That is what we called the Kairos perspective, when we all come in term with this truth it can be said of us to have made the switch from chronos timing into the KAIROS Moment which defines our daily living.

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