Business Success - Defining your Purpose

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Life primarily is beyond the choicest house you live in, good spouse you have to your credit, fat earned salary or profit made in business, choicest of car to

cruise around with in the town and best of delicacies to eat. If all these form basis for your living in life then you're still far to what life need be and where it ought to be; even if you are the creator of life I don’t think you will design it to operate like that – it’s like the purpose is already defeated.

If all these are what you clamour or aspire to get in life so you can be satisfied, you are still out of life's greater cause that places demand on you. There's more to all these that life should be to you, life should be more of fulfillment to you than material possessions. If you're still caught not chasing after what causes you discomfort on all sides which your eyes can see as that divine mandate placed upon you, then you are still not close to where you should be in the journey of life.

Work (which is your life assignment) is the tool that ought to fuel our fulfillment in life, it should never be seen as only a tool to get our bills paid. Living for an assignment brings more fulfillment to us, that perhaps is the cause greater than us been placed on us to work out into reality. How best can you give accountability of how each seconds, minute, hour is spent in the day living for your life’s assignment without not been caught with distraction? Anytime you feel the urge to always relax for a while to keep celebrating momentous peak you’ve attained, the spirit of complacency has eaten you deep like a cancer.

Whenever you feel uncomfortable or unsatisfied with your present state, it means there have to be more in life than what you’re presently seeing. That’s the very motion for birthing life of significance, we should rather be gunning for life of fulfillment than getting trapped up with lifestyle of affluence. Discovery of your lot –assignment in life, developing it and deploying same for service to humanity are the price you need pay for the prize in life.

I conclude with this submission to you that life has been given to you in full measure, how well do you live out its script? At every point in time life will place a demand of seeing and hearing what has been written of you in the script to act in line with its mandate.

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