Benefits of Discipline to an Entrepreneur

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Discipline is what we need the most but want the least. Much of the anxiety and the instability in the lives of many entrepreneurs can be traced to an

indisciplined life. There may be secondary causes but behind all is a basic need for discipline. It involves self restraint, courage, and perseverance as the inner protection of the soul. Many emotional disorders are the accumulation of years of self indulgent living.

A lifelong pattern of running away from trials, of avoiding difficult people, of seeking the easy way, of giving up when the going gets rough, produces sick entrepreneurs, who are incapable of fulfilling the will for their lives or of functioning as great business men and women. Days of adversity will come to you. Only by consistent, disciplined living can that strength of character be developed in you that can enable you to face those days of adversity without fainting.

Living the disciplined life does the following to you:

Produces Maturity
No one can reach full maturity unless he or she is disciplined in daily life. This has nothing to do with natural temperament but with discipline.

Mastery of Moods
When you are a slave to your moods, you can make foolish decisions, spend money unnecessarily, neglect your duties and alter your behavior to people around you. At first, people may be confused. They will learn to be careful in their relationships with you because they never know what mood they will find you in. A consistent work for business can be done by those who have learnt to conquer their moods and work when “they do not feel like it.” Disciplined character also means the mastery of your moods.

Restrained Tongue
A man or woman may have a disciplined body, mind and will, even disciplined emotions, appetites and habits but a loose tongue betrays a fatal fault in his armor. Frankness is a virtue only when it is coupled with intelligent, loving tact and discretion. It takes a far higher display of discipline to refrain from speaking than it does to speak.

Getting Your Priorities Right
A disciplined person is wise to subordinate less important things to the more important ones. If you “major in minor” and show “a first-rate dedication to second-rate matters”, if you allow your friends, your impulses and the convenience of the moment to dictate your priorities, you will drift with the tide of daily circumstances and will end up a shabby person. Selection! Selection! Selection! This is the law of life. You must learn to give first priority to more important things in practical daily living.

Submission to Legitimate Authority
A discipline person has the ability to submit to legitimate authority gracefully. In life’s normal relationships, rebellion is stupid and destructive. This does not mean that you are to blindly submit if such submission violates your conscience. You must retain your individuality and your convictions. You must know when to stand against authority for
the sake of truth.

It Strengthens Your Will
Discipline does not make you rigid, it makes you resilient. It provides you with shock absorbers for the potholes of life. There will be lots of them. It enlarges your capacity to have courage when life gets tough.

It Inspires Others
Your greatest gift is the example of a discipline life. People will have something to copy – a straightedge of excellent living. There is no better gift!

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