Creating a New Perspective for Business in 2016

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Finally, we are in 2016, a new year with so much uncertainty in the socio-political sphere, economic and other domain of human existence. For some, it’s an

opportunity to try something new, while for others, it’s a time to review what worked or failed with the aim of finding a new strength to start afresh. Whatever the case, achieving our business goals this year goes beyond putting in much effort or more capital. It may require a change in perspective - that is looking at what you have been doing from a different point of view. According to Albert Einstein, “it is insanity to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.”

Remember the analogy of the ‘half full, half empty glass’, our perspective about business influences our thought process as well as the eventual outcome of our business decisions. If you have given priority to your customers or competitors, the effect they will have on your business will be different compared to giving same priority to your product, environment, employees or even yourself as the boss. Taking the position of any of these actors in business automatically changes your view about what and how decisions are made in your company. The position from which an object is being viewed matters, so is the position from which you view your business. How, when and what you focus on at any given time provides a different meaning and answers to issues regarding your business.

In the past year, you may have viewed your business from the perspective of an entrepreneur who needs to grow his/her business, or a boss who must ensure that employees hit the target, and achieve company’s objectives or even as one who wants to meet customers’ needs, it’s time to change your business perspective of 2015 to accommodate the uncertainties of 2016. Try looking at your business from the perspective of a customer-service expert, an innovator, a project manager etc. This change of business perspective will provide an entirely different inspiration and open up new opportunities for your company to explore. The richness of any business idea is in its ability to consider different perspectives.

The New Year provides an opportunity to take important lessons learnt from last year’s business activities in order to create a new strategy and a better way to handle things. The success of your business from year to year largely depends on your ability to align and adapt your strategy to the ever changing business environment. Suppose you had a wonderful previous year, all your goals were achieved and your strategies were on point, is there still a need to change your business perspective? Absolutely, yes! It’s just like asking if there is any need for Usain Bolt to participate in the next Olympic since he has broken every record in track and field. There is always room to be better than the best in business.

In changing your business perspective, you need to start by dealing with old thoughts. Learn how to play a new role, if you want to assume the role of a creative director, find out how they think, and how they see the world around them. By learning the new role, you will begin to assume that role.

Secondly, you need to question everything you know/do in business. A simple question of ‘What if’ can help you have a robust view of a business idea or activity. If you have been doing something in a particular way, ask yourself, “What other ways can this be done?” You will be surprised at new ideas that will surface.

In all, doing business in the New Year requires a new perspective, and your perspective should be guided by your most important business goals, be it short term or long term goals.

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Ofunre Iriobe

Ofunre Iriobe is a researcher, and facilitator at the Redeemer's University Entrepreneurship Development Centre. He is also a private consultant to young aspiring entrepreneurs.

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