Creating a New Perspective for Business in 2016

Jan 06 2016 / Published in Strategy & Planning

Finally, we are in 2016, a new year with so much uncertainty in the socio-political sphere, economic and other domain of human existence. For some, it’s an

Benefits of Discipline to an Entrepreneur

Jan 05 2016 / Published in Strategy & Planning

Discipline is what we need the most but want the least. Much of the anxiety and the instability in the lives of many entrepreneurs can be traced to an

Thinking and Acting Like an Entrepreneur

Oct 12 2015 / Published in Ideas Management

Thinking like an entrepreneur requires us to exploit the opportunities around us. It could be in our home, church, traffic, office, etc. An entrepreneur might see the

Actions Required to Achieve your Goal

Aug 27 2015 / Published in Modelling & Planning

Wait a minute! Can I pose this question to you? What is your disposition to life when you have handful piece of information which should serve as knowledge at