Engaging your audience is like opening a bank account. You get a chance to withdraw funds, deposit or let it go dormant. An active relationship with your

In my previous article, I asked if you know what your brand is as a product, service, organization or personality and promised to follow it up with an article on

In the wake of the ghastly bomb attacks that have seen no fewer than 150 confirmed dead and a scores of other left injured, today would forever be indented

In the six years since we started MINDcapital, our branding and strategy consulting firm, I have found myself in literally hundreds of conversations, formal and

Once upon a time, there lived a charming prince; Edward Tudor, son of King Henry VIII, heir to the throne of England. One day, while at play in the serene atmosphere of the palace garden

If you ask me, there are a group of people equally as important as celebrities and politicians but do not get the appropriate recognition. These group of people are called

What comes to your mind whenever you hear of the word, BRANDING? May be a set of logo, design, creativity, pictorial representation or the likes will in quick

All promise outruns performance - Ralph Waldo Emerson
In human to human relations, according to Wikipedia, "a promise is a manifestation of

Social media is all about relationship. Its okay if you are new to the social media world; however, not taking responsibility to learn how it operates could be drastic to you and

One of the major concerns of people today is trying to find out how they can safeguard themselves against identity theft. Here are some tips that can be of help