Are you an Entrepreneur?

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This is Afripreneur. The place that helps entrepreneurs achieve the African dream. The question is, are you an entrepreneur? Are you

one really?

Lets' see, Harvard Business School, defines an entrepreneur as somebody who reaches out for opportunity without being constrained by a lack of resources. So, is that you?

Bob Reiss, successful entrepreneur and author of Low-Risk, High-Reward: Starting and Growing Your Small Business with Minimal Risk, says you are an entrepreneur if you can recognize and pursuit an opportunity

  • Without regards to the resources you currently control
  • With confidence that you will succeed
  • With the flexibility to change course as necessary
  • With the will to rebound from setbacks

Do all these define you? Do you still think you are an entrepreneur?

Note that both the Harvard Business School and Reiss's definition of an entrepreneur point out that the entrepreneur undertakes opportunities regardless of the resources the entrepreneur currently controls.

Are you one of those that say they would have loved to start a business, but you just don't have the money to get started?

Well, neither did many of history's greatest entrepreneurs. These successful entrepreneurs didn't start rich and successful. They started very small and ended rich and successful.

If you are an entrepreneur, you will see problems (even your lack of capital) as opportunities, then, you will take action to identify the solutions to these problems and eventually the customers who will pay to have their problems solved.

Now, nobody said it's going to be easy, no, far from it. But, if you are indeed an entrepreneur, you will find a way even after initial failures. This is because, entrepreneurs dare to dream the dreams and they try to make their dreams come true.

They genuinely believe they have something new to offer. To them, life will remain a fantasy unless their dreams are actualized.

The rewards of being an entrepreneur could be quite phenomenal and the risk involved is quite manageable. True entrepreneurs don't gamble, they take calculated risk that they can effectively manage.

Once again, are you an entrepreneur?

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Suleman Abdullahi

He is the Managing-Director, Proedice, Abuja, Nigeria. He enjoys learning and sharing about making the most out of the opportunities of using internet and mobile in supporting various business processes. His main interests are digital marketing, e-learning and e-business strategy, tactics, optimization and project management which he has been investing his time in since 2002.

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