Entrepreneurs and Social Media Success

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Social media is all about relationship. Its okay if you are new to the social media world; however, not taking responsibility to learn how it operates could be drastic to you and

your business.

How would you feel if you said ‘Hello’ to me and I ignored you and walked on? What if you asked me a question or tried to make conversation, but I completely ignored you? Further, how will you feel if everytime we meet, I am always talking and talking at you without listening or trying to engage in a conversation with you? I know you will feel bad. So why do we do it on social media?

Using Facebook as an example, if you put up a post and people comment on your post, but you do not make an effort to respond to their comments, you are simply saying ‘You are not ready to engage, rather you just want to talk, talk & talk and this is so wrong. You should endeavour to respond to comments, because that person took their time to engage with you. Show some courtesy.

When someone sends you a direct wall-2-wall message/post on Facebook (Unless it’s a spam post) and you ignore them, you have simply ignored a friend who reached out to say Hi. It’s very annoying, don’t do it; be nice!

If you don’t take out time to comment on other people’ posts, especially those who reach out to engage with you by commenting on your posts; you are simply saying, ‘You are too cool’ You are the boss and can’t be bothered. But this attitude will result in fewer people commenting on your post or even completely ignoring you on Facebook.

It’s called ‘social’ for a reason, so be sociable. If you are too busy to engage with people on social media platforms, then employ someone to help you or manage your time so as to make room for engagement. Friendship requires commitment and the benefits are endless. I hope you make the required change and leverage social media to your advantage. 

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Ezinne Ikejiani

She is a passionate entrepreneur, business coach and motivational speaker. She is the founder and CEO of AfricanFemale Entrepreneurs ltd. She is a graduate of the University of Westminster, London where she studied Accounting and Business Management and BBP University College of Professional Studies, where she studied Professional Accountancy.

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