The Art of Branding

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What comes to your mind whenever you hear of the word, BRANDING? May be a set of logo, design, creativity, pictorial representation or the likes will in quick

time run through your mind? Well, can I throw a shock to you that branding goes beyond those concepts. We can think branding is all about putting on new logo, design or creativity but to large extent it might not necessarily be what you think of it when only related within these contexts; by the time you’re done reading this piece you will be shocked to see that branding goes beyond what you’ve seen it to be in the past.

Yes, all over the world is an emerging order; concepts are gradually changing the flow into mind overview. What then is branding? According to use of English, we're been taught that anytime 'ing' ends a word it is used within the context of describing a transit in process for a particular action. Hold on as I dish out to you three concepts of what branding is:

1The art of branding is more of identity that one (or a brand) stand for and offer in return as service, it is distinguishing factor that defines and stand you out as a brand. Her operation flows in an atmosphere of sight-sound where all you seek to promote are Competent (qualitative services), Integrity and Continuity(without compromising the quality of services rendered). This serves as what a brand should make as promises to clients and what every brand must seek out to provide in all their services, following this path will properly place you in advantage of your brand understanding the concept of Branding. 

When it comes to aspect of branding; you should not, as a corporate or individual brand focus all your attention, time in how the display of the images, logo, design will look like without getting into the core of the identity. It's more than these, as these components without content and identity amount to waste of resources; your prospect clients is on the search for a valid identity and content not just show of design. Salient issues such as vision, mission, core values of what your brand defines should be duly put into utmost consideration as means of enhancing effective identity of the brand. 

2. Branding is science that imprints sensory cutting edge expression to the mind of its viewer with aim of sticking to one’s conscious mind permanently, in other word ‘content’ is the language. If not branding how does an average populace think quenching thirsty is the synonymy to ‘coca cola’ drink even if it doesn’t to some extent quench their thirst!

3. Leke Alder, Nigeria’s foremost Brand master sees branding in his context as “ability to sell and communicate an idea to its consumer through various medium of  imaginations and expressions used” – brand don’t sell product, they sell dreams in all means.  It’s aroma that people could smell from the look of your brand’s colour, images, personality; in other word beyond these there is something meaningful they are reading undertone which stimulate them to achieve success and fulfillment in life. When Pepsi advertises their drink, people are not just looking at the drink but at the achievement of celebrities in the advert such as Lionel Messi and how they can become successful as them.

In conclusion, David Axelrod (a Political Consultant and Branding Expert) – the brain behind President Barack Obama campaign slogan ‘Yes we can’ have this to advise that branding should carry the mind, spirit of whatever service your brand seek to render or offer. Flowing within the context will place a demand where one will be constrained to deliver meaningful within the province of what is obtainable and not excesses. 

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