Most people hate to be wrong. They hate to make a statement and be proven wrong days later, take a guess and find its incorrect, make a decision and then be proved

In my last article, we discussed how business ideas can be converted into new products. Today, we will look at how small businesses can effectively market their

I grew up in the city of Warri - when you could still describe the place as being a city. This was before the inter-tribal wars, kidnappings of oil workers and militancy

As if starting a brand new business is not daunting enough, entrepreneurs have to contend with one form of marketing or the other so their businesses can be

Few weeks ago, I visited a friend in his office to pay a courtesy visit and just at the front desk, the good image I had of the company was shredded like an unneeded

Many at times entrepreneurship seems a perfect choice when we consider its long term gains. However, my recent discovery suggests that success in any entrepreneurial venture is more of

With more businesses springing up in their thousands, sale of products and services have indeed become more competitive. Business owners and advertisers, more than before, continue to churn out strategies and

Mobile marketing is about promoting goods, services, causes, etc through mobile media or devices, like phones, tablets, etc. The mobile phone/mobile device is the most ubiquitous technological equipment found in

Competitors can copy your strategy, your product or service but they cannot copy the loyalty of your customers. Every business organisation wants to achieve a high level of loyalty with customers, unfortunately

1. When you receive prospect feedback or inquiries from a huge number of 'wrong' audience.

2. When there is a sharp decline in sales for your