3 Keys to a Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

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Mobile marketing is about promoting goods, services, causes, etc through mobile media or devices, like phones, tablets, etc. The mobile phone/mobile device is the most ubiquitous technological equipment found in

the history of man.

Many marketers/business owners don't have an idea on how to craft a mobile marketing campaign, while those that do, do so wrongly. Here are 3 keys to a successful mobile marketing campaign.

1. Strategize your Mobile marketing campaign
How do I want this mobile marketing campaign to work. What do You want it to achieve. more sale? brand awareness? etc? You don't just jump into the marketing wagon without first deciding what you want to achieve. Many marketers do so and that's like jumping into an enemy camp during war time, with a machine gun and shooting wildly with eyes closed. You'll hardly hit a thing. Part of Strategizing your Mobile campaign will include how much you want to spend? and whether this is going to be along term campaign for you or a flash in the pan. Would you integrate it to your other marketing media like TV or newspaper?

2. Automate everything...or almost everything.
Automate all or at least everything. The beauty about the computer, rather Mobile device, infact Technology, is that you can automate so many repetitive processes. You can schedule your marketing sms to go out automatically, you can automate the downloading of your mobile wall screens, you can even automate the listing of your apps on app stores. All these things are the necessary activities that involves mobile marketing and you have to do them repeatedly to stay in business.

Set up a cron job that reminds customers via sms and e-mail when their account is due for renewal or rather if their accounts gets deactivated. uploaded messages in their sequence and over …. Social media contacts/ etc can also be automated.

3. Start marketing for Traffic
Mobile Marketing is all about traffic. You have to market for traffic. The more people that you can contact through your mobile marketing campaigns the more income/ objectives you'll be able to achieve. But make sure you measure and keep track. There's nothing as foolish and as wasteful in any marketing campaign other than not keeping track of what works or what doesn't.

Credit: Francis Onuchukwu Okaformbah

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