5 Bulk SMS Marketing Mistakes and how to Avoid them

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Business these days is hard enough as profit margins have become slim due to competition and other factors yet so many people

waste the little money there is on the wrong form of marketing or in ineffective marketing when they use the right mediums. One of such medium is sms marketing, popularly known as bulk sms marketing. Bulk sms is a system of communicating, i.e. sending sms messages through the Internet to many phone numbers with a single click of the mouse.

Here are a few of the many marketing mistakes most people using sms for marketing/promotional purposes do.

1. No Hard Hitting Keywords: Words are what turn prospects into customers. Most sms marketing messages use drab and un-descriptive keywords when sending out messages.

For instance instead of sending a text that says "come to Nwanyi Aba restaurant. we have the best soups and dishes available,address 117 Ogun street,..." rather say "Come to Nwanyi Aba restaurant and get fingerlicking and steaming hot soups and dishes that will hav u coming back 4 more. address 117 ogun ...." or for a camera phone seller saying, "Get our Alcatel brand of camera phones that are easy to operate and last long for so many years." he should rather say "Get our brand of original Alcatel Phones
that even a 5year old can use easily and guaranteed to last longer than any China phone u know."

Some of my marketing friends refer to these as hot button keywords, power words or emotional words. some call it feeling words. How many times have you used any of the following keywords in your promotional sms; "Be the first to..., creates 10x more..., just 5sales a week will..., join other notable women in ..., protect yourself n ur family from..., live longer with..., enjoy basic freedom...,earn recurring income with ...,... number 1 locally, amazing new gear, sizzling..., attract the man of your dreams...,save time and money, ...beat your competitors, win the admiration of your spouse." All these
are descriptive, strong emotional words you can use.

2. Making the Infamous Assumption that SMS is for Sales Generation Only: Ask yourself what I call the Golden question in sms marketing which is, “what sales, marketing or business challenges can I solve using sms?” once you have figured it out go a head and do it.sms should not be for sales generation only If it involves designing a software or renting an sms shortcode or correcting your keywords or transferring customers from a regular payment method to another, whatever it is, go and
do it.

For example, you can use an SMS-based room reservations system to book rooms or reserve tables if you run a hotel or restaurant. Have you ever thought of a mobile/sms voting feature for your business?...Can it solve some of your sales and marketing challenges? What about an automated mobile invoice/payment reminder? Pick a pen and paper and start asking yourself now. Once you get it You can either find or design sms applications that can help you.

3. No Sincere/Clear Ethical Marketing: People know when you are lying, though some may mistrust their own instinct. You need to be truthful and sincere No over hype! Or lying just to make sales.
Doesn't something inside you send off a warning signal when you hear or read something suspect? The idea behind it is that we all get "red flags," little warning bells, that nudge us to be aware of danger ahead. When trying to sell someone, keep in mind that they have a built-in "Red Flag Detector." Don't try to cheat them. Shoot straight and you'll increase sales.

4. No Segregation/List Differentiation: This is what I called, barking up the wrong tree in my book, 101 smsmarketing tips, tactics and techniques (coming soon). Most sms marketers hardly ever send their message to the right list. If you are selling a variety of products or services then you should differentiate your list. Stop sending your sports customers fashion related sms messages. Stop sending 75years old links to websites or computers they have never seen. Differentiate your lists and you'll convert to more sales.

5. None Permission Based Marketing: Permission based marketing is a term popularized by Internet marketer, Seth Godin. In permission marketing. Marketers obtain permission before advancing to the next step in the purchasing/prospecting process. You should also do the same for your sms marketing. Many Marketers erroneously fail to do this and send all sort of unsolicited marketing sms to prospects. That's SPAM SMS.

Permission marketing allows clients to willingly opt-in or opt-out of your list and presents you as a marketer that has integrity and not one that's after their money. When clients willingly opt-in they are in the right frame of mind to take the actions you want them to take and not the other way round, where you seem to be forcing them to take action.

These are some of the marketing mistakes ordinary marketers like you are making. sms marketing is not just about composing 160 character messages and sending to a handful of numbers you found somewhere or bought from another fellow. Sms marketing is a skill like copy writing and e-mail marketing that has to be learnt. Once you have this skill you can engage your customers on a higher level and earn more income.

Credit: : Francis Onuchukwu Okaformbah

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