Marketing Lessons from Football (Case Study-Chelsea FC)

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The success of most businesses depend on how well their products or services are sold. Its the core duty of those in sales and marketing while others in the business do it on part-time. We all watch football for

pleasure but i have been able to regularly pick business strategies from football for almost every game i sit to watch.

Even if the whole starting eleven are footballers but each person has his own ability. Chelsea FC has a team where everyone scores just like a marketer. Its even so surprising that a defender (Branislav Ivanovic) has been able to net some goals in the league, almost the same as the top striker (Fernando Torres) who should be its top marketer. The lesson is that everyone can & should market in whatever way they can.

Mikel obi knows how to hold the ball and slow the pace of the game down which is the marketer who has a background in English, mass communication or tells great stories. This marketer should be able to get the attention of his prospect, tell them great stories that shows the importance of the product/service to them and get the product or service sold to them.

Eden hazard is very strong and skillful and knows how to beat defenders with pace, skill and strength. This is the same for smart marketers who know how to get around red-tapes, have great deal of confidence, good use of English as well as dashing looks for a guy or hot looks & figure for a lady that could be used to charm our prospect and get the sale.

Frank Lampard is very technical and follow instructions to the core which is the delight of every coach. This marketer is the one that is familiar with how things work in places, gets familiar with insiders as well as fraternize with competitors. He should be able to talk with authority and confidence using facts & figures to work out deals and get the prospect to buy into his product or service.

Well, Fernando Torres; i know he is also a footballer, but asides for patience, maybe someone will help me finish marketing lessons from him, lol, because i dont want to mislead anyone. Cheers!!!

My Afripreneurial Regards
God Bless Nigeria, God Bless Africa.
(written by Segun Ogunlana on February 2, 2012 at 12:19pm)

Olawale Ibrahim Nice one Segun. Well written
February 2 at 1:08pm

Segun Ogunlana @Wale; Thanks!!!!
February 2 at 1:11pm

Ogunlana Gbenga U're on track, well done.
February 2 at 1:55pm

HOlubunme Ibk Jel well done
February 2 at 8:10pm

Ayomi Ademola u make me see d other side of football, i called biz in football
February 2 at 9:28pm

Ayomi Ademola nice one segun
February 2 at 9:28pm

Am'Ogay Okorie Chukwudi Hahhhahahaha@ torres. Very nice piece...tnx segs
February 3 at 3:49am

Ogbonna 'Morr' Morikwe looool nice one segs!!!!!
February 3 at 5:55am

Segun Ogunlana @Ayomi, Chukwudi, Ogbonna; Thanks and Cheers!!!
February 3 at 7:41am

Ifeoluwa Mosix Kolardey Oluwatosin @segun you are smart.....nice one!
February 3 at 8:17am

Bode Lawal Attraction of the spectators to the match venue are directly propurtional to the calibre of the players parraded by the team,current form and past records.

As an organisation or entrepreneur,to attract sustainable patronage,make your staffs are skillful and knowledgeable.The past speaks records speaks well of you and you don't compromise the high qualities of the products/services you are known for.@Segun Ogunlana,do i make a good clinical finishing?
February 4 at 5:59pm

Segun Ogunlana @Bode; Interesting spectrum of opinion Sir. Its quite clinical Sir but you as the manager must remember to tell your boys before every game to avoid resting on their oars not to produce a rusty performance. Its not so much about the past but the most determined team will take the glory of the present day. Cheers!!!
February 5 at 7:37am

OmoTola Tpapa Onifade Lovely!
February 9 at 3:29pm

Yemi Osoba Seriously, every looks of things has its business side. That's a good one there!
February 9 at 7:35pm

Segun Ogunlana @Yemi; You are right but it takes the proper mindset to view such things as well as continuous practise.
February 9 at 8:06pm

Yemi Osoba @Segun; ofcourse it does takes the right mindset. I agree!
February 9 at 10:05pm

Osondu Obinna @segun, for torres is can of product or service dat has gotten to decline stage but he need to b rebranded for d sake of d company.der is stil more demand on dis product,let us rebrand it nd wait for d reorder stage segun
February 10 at 6:13am

Segun Ogunlana @Obinna; Interesting approach but the post is more concerned about the resources of a business most especially human resources and how its deployed to execute marketing of its products and services. Cheers!!
February 10 at 6:18am

Osondu Obinna @segun okay dear broda,tanx so much.i love dis concept it‘s educative broda.keep it up okay
February 10 at 6:32am

Osondu Obinna Pls segun,i need more of dis interaction or ideals for progression in our daily activities.
February 10 at 6:36am

Nri Obinna @Segun very interesting analysis of Chelsea. I can only say the resources of the individuals which comes together to form the overall capabilities of the team is actually the threshold of marketing.
February 10 at 3:33pm

Segun Ogunlana @Obinna; Long time no see dude, sure you are cool. Certainly, you are right and interesting analysis. Let me shed more light on analysis under the same case study. An example was the Chelsea FC team of last season pre-champions league win. The team was weak and slow which the new coach, RDM realised and made a proper strategy. It was a mass defence and surprise attacks on the opponent which paid off. In Marketing, your team might not be the A team with very brilliant dudes but you need to find what makes each person click. For one man, it might be his ability to crack jokes, send him to the people who like such. To another man, it might be his great understanding of his area and how things work, send him to pitch you product/service to his niche. When we face laess than strong people in a marketing team, kept quiet, listen and you will hear what makes them strong. Cheers!!!!
February 10 at 3:43pm

February 10 at 3:45pm

Nri Obinna Nice one segun
February 10 at 3:50pm

Segun Ogunlana @Oyetunji; lol. It occurred to me recently that facebook consumes a lot. i understand Sir. *Smiles*
February 10 at 3:50pm

Segun Ogunlana @Oyetunji; I will surely keep that at the back of my mind, i assure you and you will hear from my team and i soon.
February 10 at 3:54pm

Segun Ogunlana just thought to bring this up again.
September 14 at 1:45am

Darams De Joe I bet if you had used Arsenal as the case study, there wouldn't have been any marketing lesson rather than making profit and not re-investing. Nice article though.
September 14 at 1:52am

Segun Ogunlana @Joe; I guess we will still be able to share some lessons of unending hope and gutsy belief in getting result; although your mention of "profit and not re-investing might overshadow that. It better we avoid Arsenal in this Chelsea waters not to allow for London chaos. Cheers!!!
September 14 at 2:01am

Obigwe Ugonna interesting my guy. Is a welcom development kp it up
September 14 at 10:57am

Segun Ogunlana @Obigwe; thanks
September 15 at 5:18pm

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