Satisfying the 3 Types of Customer Attitude

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Satisfying the 3 Types of Customer Attitude Image Credit:

Like they say all fingers are not equal but they all still remain fingers. All customers are extremely 1.Lazy---2.Crazy--and


They are so LAZY, that Sony invented the TV with a remote control and now Jumia delivers to their doorsteps. How can you make your product more convenient?

They are CRAZY and attracted to mad ideas, that a "fish swallowing a man known as Jonah and spitting him out ALIVE after days", made its way to the bible. And Coca Cola created excitement and propaganda out of sugar Water (they turned Christmas colours from brown to red and white (colours of coke) and invented the concept of Santa Claus to back that up).

Your customers are so BUSY, so like audio books while driving, how can you put your product in their schedule? Think

My dear, Don't be better, be different. It starts from creating a unique perception (brand), position, Blue Ocean Strategy, market, value--- Think Creatively!

For example...
1. Create a brand name or product line with a name either unique (Hexavia!), distinctive (Apple), easy to pronounce (Kodak)

2. Create a slogan that sticks and easy to understand. (Nike -just do it, Hexavia- Go Further Ahead!).

3. Create a supERlative perception (biggER (shoprite), fastER (Ferrari), youngER (Wizkid)

4. Create your own Category
Like Asa, GT, Benz, Eizu, Virgin Galactic (an airline that will take people to space). Eg. Listerin was the first mouthwash, it’s effective but harsh in taste. So P&G introduced the first "good-tasting" mouthwash (a new category with different flavours!)

My dear, Success and business isn't rocket science. It’s a game!

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Eizu Uwaoma

He is the founder & lead strategist of Hexavia, a business, brand, training & management consulting firm. Having interacted with over 500 top executives & over 50 businesses and has a proficient skill in enterprise development, literal prowess and prolific aura and an authority in brand, human capital and business training as well as project consultancy. He runs the Decoded, the Hexavian Masterclass and the Hexavian Business Club. .

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