Getting Ahead in Business

Feb 11 2016 / Published in Growing

Robert Schuller said, " Whatever you do today, do it better tomorrow ". Excellence is all about putting in that little extra efforts. Ironically, the little extra

How New Entrepreneurs can avoid Innovation Failure

Jan 27 2016 / Published in Innovation

The biggest fear of any entrepreneur is to create a product or service that will fail in the market. The risk of losing an investment or customers to competitors

How Innovation will benefit your Business

Dec 16 2015 / Published in Innovation

If you are conversant with the foreign exchange market in Nigeria, at least you already know that the Naira is exchanging for as much as 260 for 1 dollar. It

What Small Businesses can do in a Trade Exhibition

Nov 11 2015 / Published in Sales

The Lagos International Trade Fair is on. New customers are being acquired just as existing customers are being lost to other businesses. An international trade