Success in business is achieved by people who think and act differently. The challenge of every business whether online or offline has always been how to increase

Do you own an online store?
Do you sell online and operate an eCommerce business?
Are you thinking of capturing the Internet buyers this "holiday sales season?"

The Lagos International Trade Fair is on. New customers are being acquired just as existing customers are being lost to other businesses. An international trade

It is important you have the power to convince people as an Entrepreneur, provided you have a melange of items a la carte. Yesterday, a customer walked into our outlet and

If you're anything like me, sales isn't sharing a ton of fliers and posters, hoping that the guy who gets it will be kind enough to read it, make inquiries and

A mouse ran across the head of a sleeping lion and woke him. With a quick swipe of his paw, the lion scooped up the mouse and roared his displeasure. 

Benjamin Latunji recently got a job as a marketer in a firm. He needed ideas on how he could become a successful "marketer" for his new employer. So, he decided to share his challenge with

Your role is simply that of a sales person (don't be carried away with organisational titles). Having said that, being a sales person, you have to really be on your toes! If the company you work for has really

1. BUILD ADVOCATES. Advocates are your very best customers. They not only buy from you very heavily, but sell for you by touting your product or service to business colleagues, friends and