Steps to Sell better as an Entrepreneur

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It is important you have the power to convince people as an Entrepreneur, provided you have a melange of items a la carte. Yesterday, a customer walked into our outlet and

demanded for Calypso. At that moment, we did not have a single bottle of the product because it is not the kind of drink that people demand often. He asked if we have an alternative - any drink that tastes like Calypso, I was bewildered. I had no idea on the drink that tastes like Calypso. I also have never tasted calypso, let alone giving him an option.

Refusing to show my ignorance, I began to point to our show case; asking him to make options from a century of drinks (can, Bottle, Plastic, wines etc). While he was busy feeding his eyes, I quickly rang Christopher, a friend of mine that drinks voraciously. Even in a deep slumber, Christopher can identify a handful of drinks. Satisfied with the assorted drinks in our shelves after taking a glance, he then said "Bros, I no know the drink I go choose oh, I dey confused."
I smiled, stretched my hand and brought out "The Rock" from a corner which my friend had suggested on the phone. He asked me to open a sachet for him to taste. He also shared the sample with the woman that accompanied him. Both of them nodded their heads and requested to buy some couple of The Rock Sachets. It was exactly what the needed.

As a sales person, Entrepreneur or marketer you need to be flexible. There are a lot of products in the market, but most importantly, you need to:
firstly select the ones that will give you high turnover while you also have an alternative in case the product is scarce. For example, Bullet energy drink went out of stock last week which soared the prize: from N3,800 to N4,200. Some consumers were not willing to pay the difference and wanted an energy drink that has Alcohol. It was like a deja vu for me because we had Buffet. Whenever customers requested for the-out-of stock Bullet, we offered them Buffet. Both are energy drinks that contains alcohol.

Secondly, you need to study your products. I am an occasional drinker, but I have a friend that has the secret. Christopher has taught me more than twenty drinks that have a similar taste, the twenty first being Calypso and The rock. With him, I have been able to make similarities, without even having a glass cup.

Lastly and finally, the power to convince. I have learned this from my Igbo brothers way back during my several visits in the market. A typical trader always claims he has it all. They would leave you in their shop to source for a product that is not displayed in their shelve. If eventually they come with a similar one, they will convince you to buy. That's how we should be.

In Business, you need to have the aforementioned features to excel.

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Obi Ebuka

He is an entrepreneur who runs his business, Meilleur Prix Nigeria, a small scale business outlet that is into marketing of Products (any type of drinks for events, bed sheets, cakes etc) and he loves to write too.

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