Sales Strategies for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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Sales Strategies for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Image Credit:
Do you own an online store?
Do you sell online and operate an eCommerce business?
Are you thinking of capturing the Internet buyers this "holiday sales season?"

November 27 and November 30 is Black Friday and cyber Monday respectively.

How well are you prepared to have your own piece of the pie?

It was estimated that last year over $7B was spent online only from earnest shoppers who didn’t want a good deal to pass them by.

So how well are you preparing for this?

Preparing your online store for the biggest sales day takes time, and a whole load of planing and strategy.

Last year konga Nigeria turned it around and rebranded the Black Friday to "Fall Yakata".

Talk about adding a local flavour or ring to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday days recognized globally. That the name may take over is too early to predict or be seen.

As an already existing online shop owner, your planning strategies will somewhat differ from an offline business. I'll share tips for both sides on how you can plan and succeed and be part of those raking the Internet sales this year.

Who do I mean to be an online store owner: I want to assume that you already have an eCommerce shop and you're making decent sales from it already. By this I mean that people already visit your site, order a product, checkout and the product gets delivered to them.

If you've got that then good for you.

So how should you plan for the big sales day?

  • Understand what is working for you now in terms of traffic, user behavior and products that sell using your Analytics, and how your customers navigate your website. 

As an online store you should have set this up already from the get go, if you haven't, then setting it up should be your first step.

Using your analytics you can garner intelligent insights as to what source of traffic is bringing the most people to your store and also what source if traffic is bringing the most customers. These are two different things.

For example you may be doing a lot of social media promotions and that could be driving so much traffic, compared  to another traffic source like Google organic traffic, this is different from paid ads through Google Adwords. Which may not be accountable for so much traffic. But when you pair the traffic sources based on sales conversion, you could find that the source of huge traffic may be converting little and the source of little traffic may be responsible for more orders. That is more people who came to your store through the Google organic search are buying more than those who came in through Facebook or twitter.

  • Understand your customer journey with heat maps. Find out where you're losing money, customer drop off points and fix it. If you have no idea what am talking about then you don't have it set up. 

Do so right away, the goal is to strengthen what's working now and discover your site weaknesses before it creates a catastrophic problem that makes you lose visitors, orders and customers.

Also what's most crucial is for you to discover your website conversion rate and optimize it (CRO).

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Ideas you can seize to make every day a Black Friday/Cyber Monday and memorable sales days. These holidays may be right around the corner or may only come once a year, but these strategies are used by eCommerce business globally, by the Amazons and Zappos of this world. Click here to Sign up now.

Okay, to the rest of "How to plan for eCommerce big days"

Reach out to old customers and get feedback with testimonials. 
What you mostly and easily find online is bad reviews and bad customer experience tales.

You need to flip that and proactively solicit customers testimonials and feedback.

This is so that you can reinforce your commitment to your customers. Simply asking customers about their experience with their last order and how you can do it better, comes across that you care and can influence customer loyalty. Beyond that you utilize these testimonials strategically across your eCommerce store smartly.

Imagine someone is contemplating on buying a Tablet from your site and a testimonial pops out from a buyer who's using and loving the product. It does increase the confidence this potential buyer has and may be the only nudge to get the buyer to hit the buy button. 

Similarly, use your customer testimonials to your PR advantage. You see what I did there, I said "PR advantage" not just to your advantage. Because this must be strategic, anybody can throw up testimonial real or unreal on  websites, but yours must come across beyond just a bunch of words strapped to a website.

Use your testimonials in different unique ways. 

Testimonials could come in different forms; in text, image, video. As an eCommerce store, your work appeals more being visual, so I advise that you should collect visual testimonials for example of a customer in boxing their order.

Video testimonials will also work great for example of a before an after of your product use.

These visual testimonials who do better than just plain text. Although the way you're going to use each one would differ.

Recruit your small army of affiliates.

This may not be an easy feat but it's worth it's try. Affiliates are a select group of people who will promote your product for a small percent commission and rewards. The eCommerce stores of the world run with an affiliate marketing as part of their marketing strategy. Amazon, Konga, Jumia, zappos to name a few.  Having your own army of affiliates can make a huge difference in your revenue. To keep things simple, you could just may recruit affiliates only for he purpose of promoting your store for this season.  

To succeed with your affiliate marketing strategy, you have  to "give to get" and understand it's "not about you." 

Decrease your cart abandonment rate.
What's a cart abandonment? This is where someone, a website visitor clicks on a product, adds it to the shopping cart then leaves without completing their purchase.

There are so many reasons for checkout abandonment, and let’s admit it – they are all justified in some way. Sometimes they are beyond our control, like pricing. In such cases, we are left with no solution but to try to get those abandoners back on our site to buy the stuff they added to their cart.

But what about reasons such as complicated website navigation, slow page loads, concerns about payment security, and so on? You cannot deny that — you might be at some fault here. You must make sure that your checkout process doesn’t deter your customer in any way. 

Revamp your social media strategy - leading up to the launch day you need to really plan your social media strategy, you may need to altogether revamp what you currently have going on.
Your social media strategy should have a money plan. 

You ask what is a money plan? A social media money plan details how you intend to make money from your social media activities. Just posting and tweeting may not pay the bills and you would never know how much it costs you to earn a customer from social media because you will not be proactively doing social media marketing to see the kind of results you want to see.

Without a plan, you'll never measure and track your results?

  • You need to find out:
  • What activities are generating the most results?
  • How can you amplify your reach?
  • How can you spice things up?
  • What content would amplify your results? (Think outside the box)
  • What would it cost you to implement?
  • How does that affect your bottom line?

Basically, your plan will outline all of your expenses, goals and projections.

So now may be the time to get someone who knows this stuff to help fashion your social media strategy, maybe specifically for this timeline so you can leave the postings and tweeting without purpose out of the door. 

More about Facebook specifically, because Facebook drives the most eCommerce sales for stores and an have the best advertising platform online.

Revamp your Facebook marketing - if you've got a Facebook page, good for you.
With the new changes, it time you educate your fans on how to engage with you.

Facebook's mantra has been nothing short of relevance and targeted, the reason it isn't free.

Do you even know marketing on Facebook isn't free?

You want to earn attention on Facebook you got to pay for it, this then means that the smaller and more targeted your fans are on Facebook the better.  

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