Online Marketing for Transportation Business

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An Afripreneur, by the name of Joseph Philip asked a question; "Hi Suleman, how can one go about online marketing for a transport company in the mould of Ifesinachi Transport Limited, ABC Transport and

the likes?" These were the responses he got;

Suleman Abdullahi
Adopting online on a large scale and if there is the buy in both from management and other stakeholders, one could go the way of the airlines by allowing booking online. Although the demographics (people that mostly use such) might not be that internet savy and will need to be educated offline.

If this is to work, there has to be full management buy-in, payment options have to been widely varied with mobile definitely inclusive. Easy to understand, step by step guide brochures could be provided to travelers to encourage them to use such channels. There also should be a clear incentive why travelers should even bother about such channels. Incentives might include discounts, special refreshment or something.

Adopting online on a smaller scale might involve using it to listen to what is being said about you or leading conversations to learn what customers will want from you. A simple company blog, facebook page and twitter account will suffice for that. This needs to be adequately resourced though if you are to have any meaningful impact. Before undertaking this, you should plan and know exactly what you want to do and how you will measure your effort to know if you are getting anywhere (easier said than done).

Of course in making a success of any of the above, you will need to engage in online and offline promotions like buying ads on facebook and other places your target market might hang out.

lastly, adopting online marketing in the smallest bit and for any thing you decide to undertake or even if you decide not to undertake any of the above. You should create of a database of customers names, phone numbers and emails addresses. This could be used in the simplest of terms to solicit feedback and once in a while sending promotions with their permission of course.

Hope this helps?
May 1, 2012 at 11:10pm · Like

Joseph Philip
Very informative, you even expanded it beyond my own thinking. I intend sending a proposal to one of such companies in my environment. This is because when I go out early in the morning, I see how their 'bus boys' fight for travellers by literally dragging them and their luggage. I then thought that getting passengers should be easier these days with the advent of internet marketing... So, please advise
May 3, 2012 at 3:43pm · Like

Suleman Abdullahi
@ Seun, nice, i think it's a great idea and any company that will adopt internet marketing effectively to its advantage will be a huge winner.

As i said earlier management buy-in will be a huge determining factor of whether it will be a success or not. I would advice you send a proposal in, that covers the big picture, request for a sort of presentation so that you could explain what you have in mind in details and have the opportunity to answer any questions or concern they mind have. You would recommend that they take it in bits and grow from there if they sound skeptical or uncomfortable with deploying big time or going all out. Lastly, the office near you... is it their corporate headquarters or just a branch where they load? Submit proposals only where decision makers or huge influencers will get to see it. Hope this helps?

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