Social Media Misconceptions that could affect your Business

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The social space for a long time has been filled with a lot of hype, and tricky methods people have used and promoted to run a solid social media presence for

business. In this post we'll clear up some misconceptions that could affect your business and profit. These are things you're currently doing with each of the social media channels or may not be doing and in the long run it affects your desire to see a steady stream of clients finding you through that channel.

Note that, each of these channels, live and breathe differently. What works for one doesn't work for the other. These are not structured same way, therefore how you use each channel should be different. Let's dive into these mistakes and misconceptions:

You're making a mistake if you think Social media is all about posting and sharing and tagging and bombarding people with your salesy messages…
"Buy from me, am the best and the greatest kind of message" To succeed you need to make time to talk to people, to participate in convo's that may not steer directly around your product or service but engages such that you're not always too salesy. It's a two way street. You give value, you get value.

Another mistake you could be making is when if your social media marketing approach is not an integrated process.
Your social media marketing approach should reflect the bigger picture in your business; everything else you're doing for example, onboarding new clients, promoting new services, opening a new office etc. If you're running an offline campaign it should be mentioned within your social channels. Social media is not a standalone medium.

Big mistake is to think that what people say about you or your business within social media doesn't matter.
If you didn't know this, today's customers are searching on social media for traces of a business operation, they're want to know what others are saying about the business, if the business is genuine and can be trusted and if the proprietors are who they say they are. What does this mean for you? Make sure that your online footprint are intact and in positive light. If any aggrieved customer has left a negative review, don't just delete, make sure you address it amicably, that shows you take responsibility for your actions and put a ton of value at helping your customers.

If you get into a social media war with another person about your integrity, your services etc... make sue you lay it to rest in a positive way that wouldn't affect your business negatively should a googling potential client stumble on that post. This should be a glaring reminder that whatever you do offline to your customers remember they have a little device on their hands called a smartphone and with few clicks your information is out there.

You're making a mistake if you do not have a structured social media plan.
The absence of this shows a bigger problem in your entire online strategy. Don't do social media haphazardly. A ton of Nigeria business owners start off a social media business page without a plan. How do I know this? They start a Facebook business page, invite all their friends. make a few initial posts and that's all.

The friends you invite are great but what if they are not the right audience for your message? when you make a post , they will hardly engage with the post, with a comment, like or share and this has it's consequences. Do you know that their lack of engagement with your post will further reduce your total engagement rate on Facebook? Facebook algorithm will take it to mean that your posts are not engagement worthy and less and less fans would see your future posts. So be careful next time when you add all your friends to like your page.

You're making a mistake if you think social media is about the follower's count.
You may have heard self-acclaimed gurus tell you that there are millions of people on social media, you should put your business on social media so that all these millions can follow you. what!! I read a blog whose writer ignorantly led his readers to believe such. That's is not just wrong but completely misleading. That over 6 million Nigerians are registered on Facebook, doesn’t automatically mean that these six million are the right fit for your business and would jump on your business page because you have one.

No matter the number of followers/fans you have, only a fraction of those would see your posts organically unless you use ads to promote them. Don't be fooled by the hype mongering gurus and experts out there. If you do your engagement right, you could get better results with only 1000 followers or fans as against someone who parades 100, 000 cold followers.

Another mistake you could be making is when you don't measure your activity and results.
Stop posting and posting and posting without measuring the engagement on our posts. You shouldn’t just be concerned about the number of likes, comments, favourites, retweets, regram etc. If you’re using social media to really drive business profits, you should measure how many fans turns to leads or prospects and how many of those become customers. How long does it take a fan to move from fan to customer? To do this effectively you need to implement analytical tools to measure your conversion rates from social media. It's about measuring every single bit of analytical data thread that you can lay your hands on. I can't stress this enough.

it's about understanding your customer journey as they move through the various touch points online. For example, did Mr. X click on the link on your post? Where did he go next? Landed on your website homepage? Or a specific landing page with a free download? Did he opt in for the gift? Or closed the window. Where did he go from there? Was he back a day or two or a week or two to read a blogpost, register for a webinar? What's he's journey like with you online? And these my friend is possible to measure.

Biggest mistake I've ever seen is If you choose to deliberately not do social media for your business.
Your absence on social media, could mean more risk to your business than the reasons you claim for not being present on the platforms. You may say, people don't trust social media, or my customers are not on social media, social media can't bring me customers or any reason whatsoever, they are still not enough!

Another mistake is if your social media presence is so shabby and mediocre.
For example if you have a Facebook page that was last updated in 2013 or a Twitter profile with a scanty amount of posts and activity. It's better to run one social media platform with purpose and commitment than to have a dozen shabby accounts.

Do you find that you're making one or more of these mistakes. It's time to hit reset and do social media right for the benefit of your brand and business. Should you need help to run any of these ideas shared here. Don't hesitate to reach out.

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    This is such an eye opener! I've been able to take one or two points from here even though I'm an avid social media user. Thanks for the points.


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