Guide to Leveraging Social Media for Business Success

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OK, so you’ve finally registered a business name for your brilliant idea and you’ve probably started earning some cool cash but you can’t seem to get it right

with social media and you can’t afford to pay any “expert” right now…..well, I know exactly how it feels and I’m writing this piece just for you! What if you’ve already set up profiles on all the conventional social platforms and you experienced a boom at a time but now, you’re dying silently and failing to grab necessary attention, then this will provide some help for you as well.

Here are a few tips you can follow to leverage social media for your success, without paying a social media manager or using adverts.

Connect with other startups/brands in your niche and review their social media strategies. You will notice a particular kind of content being used more often…it could be helpful/resourceful articles, pictures, QnA’s, Hashtags, etc. The most popular kind of content used by brands in your niche will most likely be perfect for your brand.

1. After taking time to research, create a simple strategy/plan for your startup. You can only use Social Media to your benefit, when you plan ahead. You will definitely not follow your plan strictly, in fact the big brands don’t! What planning gives you is a road map and a sense of direction. It also helps you to be more creative because if you plan for the entire month for instance, by the second week, you might have a more interesting way of making a particular post because as a creative, your brain will naturally build on what you have already planned.

2. If you have a website you want to ensure that there is a blog on it! Create short interesting and helpful posts on your blog! Tell your story and by doing that, you will be creating great personality and trustworthiness for your startup. Be sure to invest in high quality visuals and articles. Most people will judge the quality of your product/service by how helpful and impactful your articles are. Make sure that 80% of all posts are helpful to your targeted customer.

3. One mistake many startups make is creating presence on too many social platforms and failing to manage them effectively. I suggest a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 for startups! Start with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and depending on the kind of service/product you have, use Google+ or LinkedIn. Facebook & Google+ are good for a Business to Consumer (B2C) kind of Business while LinkedIn is perfect for developing Business to Business (B2C) connections. Also focus on building your presence organically for the first 6 months before using paid adverts. This will help you know the kind of people to target in your ads in order to avoid spending on gaining an audience with very low engagement and value. DO NOT EVER BUY FACEBOOK, TWITTER or INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS!!!!! Take the time to build a following and sales will increase in the long run.

4. Last but not the least, I can never forget to tell you to always use the magic word as often as you get the opportunity to! Imbibe the good habit of saying THANK YOU to your fans and followers. They want be seen as part of your brand and as stakeholders in your success so you better give them the credit or they might as well turn their back on you and let you phase out! People are your most important assets and you want to ensure that you treat them right! See your brand as a polygamous man with many wives. When you take good care of the wives, they’ll stay but when you don’t they’ll leave! So show some appreciation so you can stay in business!

Thanks for reading! I hope this simple piece was helpful! Kindly ask questions by commenting below! I am excited to hear from you and offer help in any way I can!

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