7 Social Media Strategies to Boost Business and Website Traffic

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7 Social Media Strategies to Boost Business and Website Traffic Image Credit: www.intranetizen.com

Do you want to grow your social media followers and ultimately drive more traffic to your website? If you have not read my article on how you are doing your

social media wrong, then you need to read it now here. Go ahead, I am very patient and will be here when you back.

Now that you are back, I will share with you step by step strategy that will help you grow your followers and then drive traffic to your website. It is good to have huge followers but without them visiting your website, you will be losing out on a great chance to sell more of your services or products.

Not all businesses should go on social media. Business that are involved majorly in b2b should focus their attention elsewhere.

Social media marketing is extremely important in a mobile driven age. In fact, most of the web traffic that happens, actually 65% of them happen first on mobile. This gives a huge advantage to b2c companies who can get it right.

Strategy to grow your Followers and Drive Traffic to your website;

1. Choose your platform wisely

The chose of your platform can determine who successful your marketing will be. Should you focus on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram.

I will say it depends.

Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are image driven. That means if you have the capacity to create visual content, then you have a 50% more competitive advantage over your competitors while twitter is a link sharing platform and LinkedIn is a professional networking platform.

Understanding how they work can help you determine the right type of content and the focus for you on each platform.

Let use Linkedin as a good example. Most people on Linkedin are looking to connect with colleagues, build professional network and basically improve their career. Going on Linkedin to advertise your shoes (I am not saying you can’t do this but you need to get your messaging and targeting so right) may not be the right medium to promote that consumer product you want to build awareness for.

2. Understand your audience

Audience are at the heart of any marketing campaign and you need to totally understand them to be truly successful in your campaign.

Depending on your platform you want to know

 What kind of content are they interested in?

 When are they online?

 What is their behaviour?

 Where are they located?

Answering some of these questions will help you

 Reach them at the precise point they need you

 Build trust and relationship with them

3. Create a goal

The next most important thing to do after choosing an audience and picking your platform is to create micro and macro goals.

Your macro goals could be something like

 Gain 20,000 followers by the end of the year

 Sell X,Y, and Z amount of product

 Gain x amount of leads from social media

Your micro goals could be

 Gain 2000 followers every month

 Number of shares, retweets or PINs

It is important to setup Goals. Your goals will enable you to know the success of your marketing campaign and you can then use it to determine if you are achieving your aim.

4. Tie it to your website and business

Here is the point at which 90% of businesses I have met get it wrong. Creating a social media platform and having X amount of followers is not the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is the number of people (conversion) from these platform that:

 Visit your website

 And ultimately become a customer

These means you need to know the number of people who visits your website as a result of connecting with you on your social media platform and the percentage of these people who eventually buy or become loyal customers.

Your website has a tool that can help you track these. It is called Google Analytics and you can learn the basis of setting up Google analytics for your business.

5. Setup measuring tools

Tools are a great way to measure micro and macro goals. Each analytical platform has its own tools but you can tie in third party tools like Google Analytics mentioned above to give you a better holistic view of your marketing activity.

One tool I really love is the Facebook Insight tool available for business pages.

6. Create a content strategy

Content is king you might have heard but I sincerely believe content is queen while your audience is king. Now that you know your audience, it is time to start sharing with them content that will resonates.

This means avoiding the temptation to always share information about your business. What type of content do they want? How often do they want it? In what format do they want it? Long or short version of the content?

All these and more you need to experiment with it to find the right mix of content and delivery your audience will love to read and share.

7. Measure , Rinse and Repeat

One thing about a strategy is the fact that you do not have all the answers. You therefore need to write down everything you are doing so that when carrying out an audit you can easily identify where they are bottlenecks, why and what you can do it.


Social media is a fast means of connecting with prospective and current customers but delighting them is a different ball game. Brands that seek to delight their customers through their social media platform(s) have a better and higher chance of selling more of their products and services.

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