How to Grow Your Business With Online Marketing

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Do you want to grow your business by attracting and retaining customers? Then online marketing is one of the ways to do this. Unfortunately, today’s customer

journey to purchasing is increasing getting more complex. Customers will touch point with using different channels before they decide to purchase from you.

This factor is also influenced by how long your customer journey is. In a recent survey, 36% of customers admits to asking for reviews from friends before they made their purchase at a store. This shows the enormity of the power of the consumer and the complexity involved in selling to them.

At the centre of all this interaction is one singular company assets that has impact on all of this - your website. A company’s website is the most digitally priced asset you can have. As the world becomes a global village and internet penetration increases coupled with the fact that phones are now smarter, your company’s website now represent your brand with the customer.

Let us look at a sample customer journey.

We will call this customer Jane. If Jane was to purchase a dress for her dinner party taking place in two weeks’ time. She can do one of two things. She can either type in the name of a popular brand she knows or she types in the name of the product she wants to buy.

Even after seeing the product, she can right there and then share it with her friends on her social network asking for recommendations on the product before she buys it. All these might happen with a few seconds or over a long period of time.

Understanding how customers find you, interact with your brands and make purchasing decision is important to your company’s survival. Unfortunately if they can’t find you, they will go elsewhere-to your competitors.

Learning the fundamentals of online marketing and how they work together to help you get in front of your customers is the key to succeeding online.

We will look at some things you need to know as you begin to consider leveraging online marketing to grow your business. In subsequent post, we will take a look at each of the online marketing channels and how you can use each to attract more customers to your website.

1. Understand your Audience:
The main ingredient to succeeding with any marketing activity is to understand your audience. Audience persona is at the heart of a great marketing campaign and online marketing is no exception.

Your target audience may vary from 1 to 20 persona but it is important that you have them well figured out. Some of the question you should be answering will be
- Who are they?
- Where are they?
- What are they struggling with?
- What website, forum do they visit?
- How are they finding your website- mobile or desktop?

Spend your time to answer the following questions. The answers to these questions will form the basis of all your marketing campaign. The answer will direct the type of campaign you run and even the words you write on your website.

2. Attract and Retain:
Online marketing is all about attracting customers to your website and invariably your business. One mistake people make is to think that online marketing is sales.

There is a place for marketing and selling online but 90% of the things you will do with your online marketing activities is marketing and in marketing, what we do is majorly to attract the right kind of people to your website. This is why audience persona is important.

You can do these through a lot of ways but the two popular areas you should be leveraging in the attraction stage is “Search Engine Optimization popularly known as SEO and Paid Marketing campaign”. Once you are able to attract them with these medium, then you can retain them with email marketing and social media marketing activities.

3. Synergise your marketing:
One mistake I see company make frequently is not thinking of how all these activities work together to have a huge impact on their brand visibility. I once consulted for a company where all the different online teams were focusing on different metrics.

It is good to have micro-metrics but there is one major goal of your online marketing, and that is to increase brand visibility, traffic to your website and ultimately encourage customers to buy from you.

Let the different unit of the team meets frequently to understand these goals. Let them know that having 300000 million social media followers who hardly visit the website nor purchase from you is not an achievement.

Synergise the unit and you will be amazed how much result you will get.

The marketing world is changing and online marketing has huge impact on customers buying decision. Learning how it works and using it to your advantage is one of the ways you can grow your business faster in a digitalised world.

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