A great way of starting or becoming an Entrepreneur is by turning your pleasure to business. If you love cars, you can open a car shop, if you like party, you can

When you start small, you are most likely going to become adept in the business you set up. It's just like climbing a Ladder, where you have to climb each rung

Thinking like an entrepreneur requires us to exploit the opportunities around us. It could be in our home, church, traffic, office, etc. An entrepreneur might see the

Ideas are easy to come by. You’re in the bathroom having a shower, taking an evening stroll, mindlessly smoking shisha in a garden, or reclined on a sofa contemplating on

I'll never forget when I first started working with my former company who by the way finance small business ventures on small scales back then. I was at my office one day,

This is an age-old question. Sometimes we find ourselves in the rigid position of having to decide whether to share the full content of our business idea with a seemingly

Many things stop us from doing what we know can enrich our lives – making wrong career choices, lack of financial management, lack of education, even

The usual expectation of a Nigerian Graduate after NYSC is that of great things. Just recently, a cousin of mine that resides in Owerri, Imo state, just finished his 

According to Winston Churchill, “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” For me, success is a simple equation: Happiness + Constant Improvement +

I have come across many articles (one as recent as last week) telling all of us the only reason we are not successful in business is down to us. The article I read last week was