Your Vision Statement Needs a Creative Idea

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It is customary to have a vision and to articulate a vision statement when venturing into any business; ideally, vision statements interconnect, mutually, the purpose and values of a business organization. On the flip side,

for employees, it stretches the boundaries and direction about how they are expected to conduct themselves and it accordingly stimulates them to put in their best. Reciprocal with customers, it silhouettes customers' understanding of why they should patronize a brand, product or service.

By the same token, oftentimes we see businesses articulating one thing and communicating something different other than their core principle, truth be told, it is never an easy task to keep a business ideology on its original path, partly due the need to adapt to the complexities in some market environments, and sometimes, partly due to rapid, unpredictable consumer behaviour.

That is why in the world of Brand Advertising and from the vantage point of Brand strategy; it is of empirical import to articulate two thought-out dimensions at the conception of any business idea, because every 'Strategic Vision' needs a 'Brand Creative Idea' for it to stay on course amid whatever the future holds and more so, to sync two variables as one and set the tone for impending marketing and communications plans vis-à-vis the objective at hand.

I have seen quite a lot of lengthy vision statements, and many are conversant with this style, but however, this ‘ying-yang’ approach obliges you to prune your vision statement to the core specifics so as to give it a helicopter view and somewhat, a single-minded functional outlook.

The two dimensions are:

The Strategic Vision: it is the essence; it is the Dna, the strategic focus.

The Brand Creative Idea: The creative expression of the vision, to make the business more relevant, different and easy to communicate.

How this works is very simple, the two dimensions are two sides of the same coin, thus making it easier to reach and impress it on the minds of the intended target audience, and more importantly, as 'leverage points' when formulating strategies, planning tactics or for other branded rituals- marketing promotions, targeted advertising, experiential marketing, relationship marketing etc.

A number of notable brands/businesses that are leveraging on these dimensions are few and far in between, below are some striking examples:
Strategic Vision brand creative idea
Apple: Innovation Think Different 
Adidas: Go Beyond Impossible is nothing 
McDonalds: Forever young I'm loving it

And from one of the Brands I articulated recently…..

Regency Alliance Wealth creation & retention Culture of nobility.

If one scrutinizes these, it is quite evident how the Strategic Vision has been creatively expressed to give it more appeal and 'leverage points' for clear-cut definition of who they and what they stand for.

That way, I dare say, they remain focus and know where and how to deploy company resources for maximum end product.

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Abdulwaheed Bashar

A brand strategist, who's passionately driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of medium and small-scale enterprises, and a keen observer of the Nigerian market economy.


  • Comment Link Author Jul 28 2015 posted by Author

    Absolutely Temisan! To add to your fine list:Volvo: safety. Thank you *winks*

  • Comment Link temisan Jul 27 2015 posted by temisan

    On point statement. The brand goes beyond the logo and witty byline, but more importantly the trust and confidence your brand instills in its clients. What is the first thing that comes to their mind when your brand is mentioned. Playboy: fun, naughtiness. Virgin: comfort, informality, Coca Cola: tasty sweet refreshment. U get the gist.

    Thank u sir and keep up the good posts.


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