Solving the Startup Capital Need (Part 2)

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Solving the Startup Capital Need (Part 2) Image Credit:

Hi Greatest Buddy of life, trust you’re getting on very well! Lets continue the series on Solving the Startup Capital Need readily available if you missed it, please read at Part 1.

Let me start Part 2 with the story of a CEO who was on business transit to another country of residence, before embarking on the voyage he delegated authority (which the legal world call attorney of power) to 3 of his workforce. To one was given 5-star workload, another 2-star workload and the last, 1-star workload. On return the CEO organized a ‘strategy session’ where all of the workforce with attorney of power was in attendance, each came out to give progress report of what transpired during the leave of CEO how they been able to yield more dividends of profits in multiple kind and how the organization has expanded in growth during the leave vacation of their boss except the fellow with 1-star workload who came out with bunch of unheard excuses of how he saw no need to let what his boss handed over to him grow. Such is the experiences of many folks today, we live life with unheard excuses of what we have not over we have in our deposit.

So overwhelmed with the progress report, the CEO elated gave back the first and second employee the profits made during his absence for their personal upkeep while the last was rebuked and his workload reassigned to another. Two things distinguishes these 3 fellows, it is responsibility and excuses. As rightly observed by Stephen Covey, responsibility is ‘response-ability’, the ability to choose your responses. Those who are responsible in life have no excuse to give over how what need be done should not been done. We all have inherent capacity to build on in life without necessarily leaping first for fund capital, within that capacity lies the seed to germinate and reproduce financial capital in return. What enables us possess the inherent substance within is the tool of responsibility which make us work to bring it out glaring for service to humanity but the shocking news is not everyone wants to pay the price for the prize, it is either they are scared to embrace responsibility or responsibility is far reached to their view.

I call it a culture, yes RESPONSIBILITY is a culture to be imbibe! And that culture is called SERVICE you must take ownership for. Yes it is an outward process you must cultivate to possess the seed capital laying fallow, inside of you to be tapped. Truth be told that on daily basis there are bunches of opportunities you never may know that exist, just in wait or passing you by for your response. To be responsible is not far from being able to serve humanity. Every individual who truly wants to attain greatness in life must be apt to serve. Serving humanity is core responsibility of every human that makes significance possible: “Let him who is the greatest among you become like the youngest, and him who is the chief and leader like one who serves.”

Here's my piece of advice for you: find joy in doing any work committed to you without grudge. Let people see high sense of responsibility in you that make them feel relaxed when it comes to solving problems – it will bring about multiplying effect of productivity in you. Beyond the measure you’re given a responsibility is the level you should produce forth such responsibility even above expectation. How effectively you perform a small responsibility open more doors of greater responsibilities for you, that earns a referral to your trust.

There is a spirit that exists whenever we feel the urge to possess what lies not in our deposit, it’s the entitlement mentality which only breed greed as result. Life owns you nothing than you own it much, little need I say you’re debtor to life who owes it your input of service to humanity. Don't shy away from every responsibilities and turn it to be that of others, embrace it and take ownership for its flow that come across your path. If the motive is wrong, then the intent as well can't be right; It's already defeated! 

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