Solving the Startup Capital Need (Part 1)

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Solving the Startup Capital Need (Part 1) Image Credit:

Come to think of it, do we really have strong valid reasons not to kick start any venture in life? Alright maybe someone might say fund is the issue here, then I will surprise you 

by telling you to your face that fund is not the controversial issue in not getting anything done in life. Often time we come up with unjust excuses that we have no one to help us actualize our dream! Let it be known to you that anytime you feel this thought rivaling over you all you need do is to sit yourself down and do a talking sessions on how to turn that excuses into reason why you should put to work what is needful.

Do you know what excuses does to you? It makes you see genuine reasons why you should not do anything in life. Life will at all point presents you with valid excuses not to do any work but you must be determined to take it off the path and give it reason why you should do what is needful.

So don’t be swayed: the mystery of capital is not about the funds you look out for in life, all that you'll need in life have been provided for in the deposit right within you and not outward. This I called ‘the seed capital’ which need cultivation for germinating to reproduce in kinds. The seed is inbuilt capital that stayed with you when all else outside of you might not justify who you are, every other things can be stolen but the seed can’t unless you let it die off. Inherent deposit makes provision for the outward need, whatever is called for is already provided for. You must first look inward before leaping outward for assistance, human capital comes top before initially looking for financial capital.

How often do we cry, make the noise over what we have not than what we have. At one point in my life I was stocked down in starting a venture because I thought there was no fund capital to work on it, this I gurgled with as an excuse for not doing anything meaningful. As time goes on much fund came into my pocket and I could not later do what I’ve cried all days for. This posed a thought to me:

Money is Not and will never be your issue in Life, Lack of purpose and responsibility is rather the problem!

Purpose will be the substance of currency you spend in life voyage, it defines entirety of the scope of your operation which money can't be used to substantiate. The original will always be original as no amount of counterfeit canstain its flow, money is only the byproduct of purpose in life. Money can function effectively as secondary need under the guide of purpose which serves primary functions, without purpose the money is as useless as heap of waste refuse for there will not be a need to satisfy.

First thing first when it comes to kick starting any project are primary thing that must be considered: defining the vision – motive behind it and how to implement, strategy development of the project, feasibility study. Until you first put all these in order, you may never get the fund to finance it to actualization; these comes first before fund capital.

Another resource we can’t ignore is the Time Resource, your first capital readily available equally at disposal before birthing any vision. Time is money sang a musician! It is that inherent capital that defines our ability to brainstorm, think on idea that should produce income in return for us. With time you make money in return. Wisdom demands that not everything in life which wants to have a feel of your time be given space, some are just junks that distract and shift focus off the goal.

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